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    Fran Foley....LIAR!

    Fran Foley - LIAR!

    So - Foley gets to lie all over his resume and biography and keep his job, but George O'Leary doesn't???

    What's the deal with that?


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  2. Re: Fran Foley....LIAR!

    It might be case of "who you know". A lot lot of people lie a little bit on there resumes.

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    Re: Fran Foley....LIAR!

    Eh, I'm not crazy on Foley's deal.. Nor was I on O'Leary. I think both were blown a tad out of perportion.
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  4. Re: Fran Foley....LIAR!

    big deal, someone always trying to find dirt. people are jelous cause we have a great thing going. besides in the NFL it's all about what have you done for me lately and right now I couldn't be happier with the job the TRIANGLE is doing ..

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    Re: Fran Foley....LIAR!



    Everyone see the difference? :roll:

  6. Re: Fran Foley....LIAR!

    Yes, you know, I was a little bothered by it to tell you the truth.

  7. Re: Fran Foley....LIAR!

    I do not think he should fired. He made a mistake. It is forgiveable. He is doing a good job. It is not as though he lied and turned the Vikes into the Lions
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  8. Re: Fran Foley....LIAR!

    "Ltrey33" wrote:


    Everyone see the difference? :roll:

    No...No I don't believe I do, Could you explain it to me :razz:

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    Re: Fran Foley....LIAR!

    From what I read they said the info was in a media biography doesn't that mean the media wrote it and thus they are the ones who lied or did they get the information directly from Foley?
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    Re: Fran Foley....LIAR!

    Sorry to say it Fuad, but it was his CV. Now I'm all for embellishing your CV, everybody does it.. But Foley flat-out lied. He said he started as a full-time position coach and progressed from there to a Director of Football Operations at Rutgers, when all he was a graduate assistant at his 3 jobs before Rutgers, and even at Rutgers he was an "administrative assistant."

    I'm sorry, but that's taking the piss. And to say he's done a good job so far for us.. What EXACTLY has he done for us? He said so himself, he's basically took a step back from the College Scouting and the personnel department because he joined in late February and it's too late to make any major changes til AFTER the draft. Basically the first thing he's going to do for the Vikings is manage the draft.

    It's obvious now that after Tom Heckert re-upped with the Eagles the Vikes had no Plan B and were in a state of panic. They reached for a guy who is underqualified and whom I now have MAJOR doubts about. He was the Director of Pro Scouting at the Chargers.. Now what do the Pro guys have to do with the draft? I'll tell ya.. Bugger all if the franchise has any sense. You go with the guys who have been studying the College guys since the start of the previous season, or through the last 3 or 4 years. You don't follow the opinions of the guys who have only seen the College players in person at the Combine and Pro-workout-Days.

    Despite all that.. I love the Vikes and hope I'm talking bull. I hope that I'm proved COMPLETELY wrong and Fran helps the Vikes have a GREAT draft. Sadly though, I'm starting to have doubts.

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