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    The Minnesota Vikings coaching staff began the task of evaluating talent as they began a three-day mini camp at Winter Park today.

    As practice started the team stretched together and went through individual drills. The offense, wearing white and the defense, wearing purple went through various drills.
    -Running backs worked with balls that had a spandex coating, making it more difficult to grip.
    -Linebackers practiced shooting the gap and attacking lanes using upside down garbage cans.

    Head Coach Brad Childress watched the running backs and linebackers with intensity and they drilled. New running back Chester Taylor excelled in drills and looks poised to accept his role as the feature back.

    The offense and defense squared off and ran plays against each other while coaches evaluated players. Defensive Coordinator Mike Tomlin was very vocal and emphasised the importance of ball awareness.

    Offensive Line
    -Center Matt Birk looked to be moving very well.
    -Steve Hutchinson was explosive off the line.
    -Mike Rosenthal moved well.

    Linebackers -Linebackers fly towards the ball in the new Tampa 2 defense.
    -Ben Leber saw extended playing time, and looked aggressive.
    -E.J. Henderson and Dontarrious Thomas both looked agressive and explosive.

    Wide Receivers & Tight Ends -Koren Robinson caught passes all over the field.
    -Tight end Jermaine Wiggins caught several passes as a check down receiver.
    -Tight end Richard Owens worked out with running backs.

    -Starting QB Brad Johnson looked comfortable and his passes were accurate.
    -Johnson moved well in rollout situations and made many good reads including a long pass down the sideline to WR Ryan Hoag.
    -Johnson's lone mistake was a pass intercepted by Fred Smoot.
    -Mike McMahon had passes that sailed long.
    -McMahon tucked the ball and ran a few times with some success.
    -J.T. O'Sullivan saw limited action.

    Running Backs
    -Chester Taylor runs aggresive.
    -Ciatrick Fason had numerous carries and looks to be the #2 back.
    -Richard Owens, Joey Goodspeed and Tony Richardson all were active blocking.

    Defensive Backs
    -Fred Smoot was the most active player, intercepting one and breaking up a few passes. After the interception, defensive coordinator yelled, "Pep-rally is over, next play."
    -Darren Sharper was active in the Tampa 2, swarming towards the ball.

    Special Teams
    -Ryan Longwell was perfect on the day.
    -Chris Kluwe went through motions but did not punt the ball.
    -Long snapper Cullen Loeffler was spot on in both field goals and punts.

    -Fred Smoot is now wearing #21
    -Troy Williamson is now wearing #82
    -All players attended except WR Aaron Hosack, CB Ronyell Whitaker and OT Sean Bubin, who are all playing in NFL Europe.
    -Coach Childress is happy with Matt Birk's progress and said, "He's doing everthing we've asked of him."
    -Vikings owner Zigi Wilf was happy the House of Representatives approved the Gopher Stadium plan. Wilf stated, "We just need the opportunity to be heard." He has a great feeling with the new coaching staff.

    Vikings mini camp runs through April 9.

    "SSSMMMOOTTT" & "Toine" will be the best CB combo in the NFL next year TRUST ME!!!

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    Re: As I Said FRED SMOOT SWITCHES TO #21!!

    I'm glad I didn't buy a T-Will or Smoot jersey yet.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

  3. Re: As I Said FRED SMOOT SWITCHES TO #21!!

    Sounds like things are going well, McMahon is a bust...He is no backup. He's a dire straights QB 5th string type. Worst pickup we got.

  4. Re: As I Said FRED SMOOT SWITCHES TO #21!!

    Does anyone know why he switched? Was he #21 in Washington?

    Thanks Lotza!

  5. Re: As I Said FRED SMOOT SWITCHES TO #21!!

    "damien927" wrote:
    Does anyone know why he switched? Was he #21 in Washington?
    He came here and Chavous was 21 at the time. Now that Chavous is gone he's going back to 21.

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    Re: As I Said FRED SMOOT SWITCHES TO #21!!

    K-rob!! YAH TOLD YALL!!

    Chester is doing good it sounds like.. Good for him I hope he proves alot of people wrong

  7. Re: As I Said FRED SMOOT SWITCHES TO #21!!

    Smoot emulates Deon Sanders. That's why he likes the number 21. I wish he'd start playing more like Deon.

  8. Re: As I Said FRED SMOOT SWITCHES TO #21!!

    I could care less if he goes back to his old #....I'd love to see him go back to his great cover skills!
    I ll be dead and cold before I m green and gold

    Thanks to PPE for sig

  9. Re: As I Said FRED SMOOT SWITCHES TO #21!!

    ...I got a TWill jersey for xmas this year....but i exchanged it...luckily b/c it was a large and i'm not that big ... (yes i'm a girl) but then they didn't have his size in a small/med. so i ended up with moore...

  10. Re: As I Said FRED SMOOT SWITCHES TO #21!!

    I think smoot will be much better, last year he had neck/chest injuries all year. Plus, he put on more than 10 pounds of muscle this offseason.

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