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  1. Re: Moulds allowed to seek trade

    Him and Pat Williams are friends.

    I heard an interview with Pat on kfan a few months ago and he said he was going to try to get the Vikings to trade for Moulds.
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  2. Re: Moulds allowed to seek trade

    How can we afford 10 mill. for Moulds? We don't have enough cap room left to add that big of a contract. But if we could get him for a more reasonable contract, I'd say do it Williamson and Koren are great Speed recievers and Moulds can be our main guy. We could cut Robinson too if we got moulds.

  3. Re: Moulds allowed to seek trade

    Look what Moulds did for Peerless Price in Buffalo, and I dont think Price has anywhere the potential of T-Will or K-Rob. He is a great route runner, whoich would be good for our new offensive scheme, yes he wants big money but looking at the clauses and such in the offer sheet from Seattle we arent gonna be able to sign Burly back. I say we shop Marus around, a team Im sure would take him as a viable number 2 or three if the price is right which would give us the cap space to pick up Moulds, I think he would pay dividends for us this year and future.

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    Re: Moulds allowed to seek trade

    With Travis, M-Rob and T-Will behind K-Rob we really don't need another big name WR. I would rather get one in 3rd round of the draft.
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  5. Re: Moulds allowed to seek trade

    "Gift" wrote:
    I really think this guy would help us where Nate can not. We need a #1 in a bad way. Our WR core is very average imo. We need a playmaker that will make the clutch catches. How different would last season have been if k-rob would have caught that pitch by BJ rather than tipping it up for a stealer to grab? Alot of folks around here seem content with our par receivers and hope they step up, I would much rather grab a guy you know will come through when you need him. I also think this guy would be key to developing current & future receivers. And any QB will benefit with having a guy like this on the other end of his passes.
    Great post! It seems to me too that everyone on here is really high on our recievers for some reason. I don't know why they are but they are.
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    Re: Moulds allowed to seek trade

    Well now that Nate is gone either TT has to step it up or we need to bring in another dependable receiver.
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    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: Moulds allowed to seek trade

    Chiefs | Team has not spoken with Bills about Moulds yet
    Mon, 27 Mar 2006 06:34:15 -0800

    Adam Teicher, of the Kansas City Star, reports Kansas City Chiefs president/ general manager Carl Peterson said the Chiefs haven't spoken with the Buffalo Bills about WR Eric Moulds, who would like to play for another team. "If Buffalo wants to shop him around, we'll see what they have to say and see what they're asking for," Peterson said. "That hasn't happened yet." As noted earlier, the Chiefs are apparently one of the teams Moulds would like to play for.


    Broncos | Team not interested in Moulds?
    Mon, 27 Mar 2006 06:27:03 -0800

    Bill Williamson, of the Denver Post, reports even though the Denver Broncos are one of the teams mentioned as having interest from Buffalo Bills WR Eric Moulds, there are indications the Broncos are not interested. The only way Denver would be attracted to Moulds is if his price tag was much lower than it currently is which doesn't appear likely.

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    Re: Moulds allowed to seek trade

    I do not think the Vikings would be interested in Moulds at the price he wants, he is getting up there in age and it is to much for him at this time.
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    Re: Moulds allowed to seek trade

    I agree that we have average receivers at best. How much moeny Moulds needs is another concern. Aging receivers can help in certain offenses...but not this one. The Vikings have made it clear they plan on running the ball. IMO they are making the right moves to do that. Paying a has been WR will not improve this team. The average guys we have will do fine in Childress' scheme. I say spend more on D experience and let our average guys put up average numbers. Brad Johnson isn't going to lose many games for us because we are not going to have him passing 30 times a game anyways, so having Moulds would be wasting money.

  10. Re: Moulds allowed to seek trade

    Sorry to burst your bubbles but there is a rumor for this trade.

    Bills get: Javon Walker, 5th Round Pick

    Packers Get: Eric Moulds, 3rd Round Pick, and next years 3rd round pick.

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