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  1. Bye Bye Bennett!

    I will miss him. He deserves a fresh start.

    He would have served well here behind Taylor.

    If we weren't so thick at RB, I would say keep him.

    He did a little of everything.

    Bye MB!!

    Sorry Ultra

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    Re: Bye Bye Bennett!

    He signed two years for 3 million with the Saints. If he played last year like he was in a contract year he would be looking for considerably more. Too bad for him (not for us).

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    Re: Bye Bye Bennett!

    Congrats on the decent size contract for Bennett!

    I was thinking he would get closer to minimum

    Hope he does pretty good spelling Deuce

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    Re: Bye Bye Bennett!

    heck thats a decent contract we coulda kept him for that amount if we werent so deep at RB

  5. Re: Bye Bye Bennett!

    good luck mb

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    Re: Bye Bye Bennett!


    Good bye, so long ... not sorry to see you go ... you no hole hitting, pass dropping, fumbling fool.

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    Re: Bye Bye Bennett!

    Bennett was a hard worker in practice, but practically never worked out in a game in the last few years. Hope things workout with the Aint's cause

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