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  1. Interview with new Vikings

    Here is an inteview found on on the newest Vikings

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    Re: Interview with new Vikings

    i read that too. I was gonna post it but i figured someone else already did. From what it says it looks like Longwell wasn't really too thrilled with the packers. i mean you don't just really want to play for you biggest rival.

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    Re: Interview with new Vikings

    This is my favorite quote: "If they're good players and we have an interest, we're probably going to get them in here."

    I love the way Childress conducts himself. I love that we have an owner willing to spend. And most of all I love that we have have Rob Brzezinski. Because of Rob, we are about to have a good offseason in free agency for the third straight year. Possibly the second consecutive moster free agency spending spree with great players. Come on Hutch!


  4. Re: Interview with new Vikings

    Thanks for the link!

    Yeah, Longwell seemed a little bit "too exited" to be joining the rival of his ex team. lol

    I think he will be big for us. Maybe not the distance Edinger gave us, but definatly the clutch kicking on grass and not just turf.
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    Re: Interview with new Vikings

    I think this one question and answer sums up what the Vikings are going to be all about.
    Q: This is the most activity on the first day of free agency for this team in a long time. Are you sending a message that this is the direction the organization is going?
    A: Well I just think that our philosophy in free agency will always be to supplement places where we have needs. One thing about all these guys is that they're good people. They're good players, first of all, or they wouldn't be standing up here, but they're good people, and that's going to be important as we go along here. We know exactly what we're getting from a character standpoint. Good players that are good people have a chance to win a lot of games.
    And you could see some of that aspect in the answers the players gave.
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  6. Re: Interview with new Vikings

    Longwell was one of the top three kickers available this season, and we got him. That has to be looked at as a success.. He will be clutch for us. He did the things he did at Lambeau, imagine what he will do in a dome?

    I always use to razz my fiance's family, and call him Shortwell. All of a sudden, I am at a restraunt tonight and it says the Vikings sign Ryan Longwell to a 5 year contract. We were in Green Bay eating, you should have heard all the whiny Packer fans when they read that..

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    Re: Interview with new Vikings


    I am excited and very optimistic about him!

  8. Re: Interview with new Vikings

    did anyone else notice that both leber and longwell answered the question "Was it easier or more difficult to come to a team that's in a transition like the Vikings are?" exactly the same, word for word? kinda odd..

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    Re: Interview with new Vikings

    I noticed that but I couldn't find audio so I assume that it was a mistake by whoever posted the article on the vikes website. If it turns out that they really did say it the same word for word, that is beyond odd. At least it will show some serious control of his players by Childress, something that the last two coaches never had :wink:


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