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    Prophet Guest

    Anyone hear anything about the Childress/Culpepper meeting?

    A few days ago there was a meeting between Culpepper and Childress:

    Vikings | Culpepper to meet with Childress
    Mon, 9 Jan 2006 06:24:12 -0800

    Sid Hartman, of the Star Tribune, reports Minnesota Vikings injured QB Daunte Culpepper (knee) has agreed to fly to the Twin Cities from Orlando this week to spend some time visiting with new head coach Brad Childress. "I spoke to Daunte Saturday morning. I had a nice conversation with him," Childress said. "I will have a chance to sit down face-to-face with him here later in the week." Childress wants to tell Culpepper how valuable he is to the team. Apparently, Culpepper is making good progress after undergoing surgery to repair his knee.
    Has anyone heard anything about the meeting? It seems strange that there was no press associated with the meeting since their first encounter should be somewhat newsworthy.

  2. Re: Anyone hear anything about the Childress/Culpepper meeting?

    Ohh... good question.
    Now that I think about it... I would like to know also!
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    Re: Anyone hear anything about the Childress/Culpepper meeting?

    Maybe they haven't met yet?

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: Anyone hear anything about the Childress/Culpepper meeting?

    I guess we will be left waiting. I'm sure Singer will have it posted within about 3 min. from when it is released.

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    Re: Anyone hear anything about the Childress/Culpepper meeting?

    "Prophet" wrote:
    I guess we will be left waiting. I'm sure Singer will have it posted within about 3 min. from when it is released.


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    Childress/Culpepper chat

    From Star/Tribune

    Daunte Culpepper could be ready for very limited activity in Minnesota's minicamps this spring, though it's still far too early to determine whether the Vikings can expect their injured quarterback to start the regular season.

    Coach Brad Childress spoke with Culpepper for about 45 minutes on Friday, their first conversation since he took over for the fired Mike Tice last week. Childress didn't characterize the tone, allowing only that it was a "good flow on information back and forth."

    But he didn't sound worried about getting Culpepper comfortable with a new offense and coaching staff, even though the best-case scenario for the three-time Pro Bowl pick's full return to the field is sometime during training camp. Typically, a comeback from this injury — three torn ligaments in his right knee suffered on Oct. 30 — takes a calendar year.

    "I've been told, at least, that he's got a chance to be capable of maybe doing some footwork-type things," Childress said, referring to a pair of three-day minicamps he has scheduled — the first one set for two weeks before the draft in April. "That wouldn't be any situations where he's running a full 100. None of that kind of stuff. But the footwork, just the things that are inherent to his position.

    "I think you have to take it as kind of a one-day-at-a-time thing. He may move ahead, and he may have a setback. It's hard to know without a crystal ball. Different guys heal differently."

    Culpepper has kept a low profile and made few public comments since getting hurt in a game against the Carolina Panthers. He is doing most of his rehabilitation in his native Florida, but Childress said he expects Culpepper to be in Minnesota for the team's offseason training and conditioning program that begins on March 20.

    When Culpepper got hurt, the Vikings were 2-5. Brad Johnson stepped up and led them to a 7-2 finish, and the veteran has stressed his desire to remain a starter — which could make for a complicated offseason. Culpepper also indicated recently that he preferred to play where he was wanted, a subtle suggestion that he won't accept being a backup if he's healthy.

    Without being able to fully practice this spring and summer, Culpepper's progress will be limited. But the coach said Culpepper didn't express any frustration about having to learn a new scheme.

    "Nothing's going to hold him back, book-wise. He didn't have a brain injury. He had a knee injury," said Childress, who will install a version of the West Coast system he guided as offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Another important player, four-time Pro Bowl selection Matt Birk, is on track to return as the starting center, Childress said. Birk missed the entire season following surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left hip — a complication that arose from multiple sports hernias the year before.
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  7. Re: Childress/Culpepper chat

    Thanks for the info. Good to hear about Matt out football world!

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  8. Re: Childress/Culpepper chat

    I would love to see Culpepper come back and prove everybody wrong. This season was terrible for him. Can he do it? I don't know.

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    Re: Childress/Culpepper chat

    Having those two back and healthy will be huge for our offense.

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    Re: Childress/Culpepper chat

    I can't wait to get Birk back on the line. Yay!

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