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    About the Spammer (now banned)

    I dropped him a little message to let him know I didn't appreciate him sending spam to my users, as it is NOT OKAY without my permission. Funniest thing is, if he had just asked I would have plugged him, just like we plug other vikings fan sites.

    So here's his response if you wanted a preview of the guy at the helm:

    "Next time you decide to spam my users, I won't be nearly as friendly. We tolerate NO SPAM on that board, either in public or private. I'll be happy to air your dirty tactics to everyone if you like. Good way to create a permanent deadly backlash, Chief.

    Good luck"


    "Heres a suggestion:

    Bend over as far as you can, and then go fuck yourself...

    Feel free to "air my dirty tactics" to anybody you want's really of no consequence to me. I've owned and operated sports message boards for the better part of the last 5 years, and I have managed to survive assholes like you in the past, and I will survive it now.

    Theres not a damn thing you can do that I haven't seen before. And afterall, you have a site, 9 out of 10 times people like you who get all uptight, did the same fucking thing when you started yours... so forgive me for not giving a rats fat ass about your threats..

    now on that note... have a nice day gay boy."


    Well, I never once did spam another board. I respect other people's efforts too much to conduct myself in such a sleazy manner. This entire site is built by myself through my efforts. People have asked to use content, and I have always permitted it. Simple: sneaky leeches like yourself will never get ahead of the game when you don't even respect your potential members enough not to SPAM THEM.

    I simply believe in being upfront and ethical about it; his response shows the depth of his immaturity and willingness to sling mud to defend and smokescreen his tactics.

    You dared me, I did. HAHAH


    Future thought: Be upfront and fair as this site is for the community itself and I will demand the respect of our members here, but will always look to help another Vikes site out with a plug, content, or guidance.

    SKOL VIKES, and thanks to the users who let me know about this slug.

  2. About the Spammer (now banned)

    Good Job, Webby :thumbup:
    I may be an a$$, but at least I m a smart one

  3. About the Spammer (now banned)

    Well obviously he's a packer fan! No decent Vikings fan would respond with that kinda response! This is my favorite Viking Website, but I enjoy going to others and probably have enoyed his had he been halfway decent!

  4. About the Spammer (now banned)

    Good when i read that i wanted to hammer the 5 year old.

  5. About the Spammer (now banned)

    Who was this spammer?

    Guns don t kill people. Chuck Norris kills people.

  6. About the Spammer (now banned)

    Yah did I miss something? Who was this spammer, and when/what did he Spam, I didn't get any Spam emails.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

  7. About the Spammer (now banned)

    His name was Chief, I do believe. His like two posts werent' very cool either.

  8. About the Spammer (now banned)

    I love and you just sound jealous of this site and its following webby is a good guy and never has done anything to upset me.

  9. About the Spammer (now banned)

    What's the URL to norse boards? I think I'm gonna go check that board out.

    Guns don t kill people. Chuck Norris kills people.

  10. About the Spammer (now banned)

    webby - you are to be commended!! you responded to that piece of scum with dignity and style, it is good to see that in this day and age. THAT PERSON is very small minded. Anyone who can't articulate their thoughts without obscene language is not worth your time or energy. They will only lower the standards on this site. And by the way this is the only site I have ever joined. So great job webby!!!! Go Vikes!!!


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