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    Vikes will earn their R-E-S-P-E-C-T !!

    Vikings looking for a little respect !

    A six-game winning streak and a 5-1 record at the Metrodome haven't kept the team from being a home underdog on Sunday.

    Aretha Franklin spelled it, pro sports made it a cliché and this week the Vikings have adopted it as their mantra. You want R-E-S-P-E-C-T in this league? coach Mike Tice asked his players during a team meeting Wednesday morning. Then beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

    Later, Tice said: "If you want to earn some respect and be mentioned as a playoff team, this is the game you do it, quite frankly. The other games are nice, they got us back in it, but a game like this is a game where now all of a sudden [people] start talking about you as a playoff team."

    Yes, even after winning six consecutive games, the Vikings remain on the statistical periphery of the NFC playoff race, trailing seven teams for six postseason spots.

    Just as important to Tice, however, the Vikings also are stuck on the outside of the league's pantheon of so-called legitimate teams.

    As they began preparing Wednesday for the Steelers, the Vikings were one of four home underdogs on this weekend's NFL schedule. The Steelers are getting three points on most lines, pushing the Vikings into a group that also includes the 1-12 Houston Texans, the 4-9 Buffalo Bills and the 4-9 Tennessee Titans.

    Rest assured those facts seeped their way into Tice's team meeting Wednesday morning. By the time players reached their midday break, they seemed angry and were speaking with the confidence of a Super Bowl contender.

    "There are some naysayers who still don't think we're for real," safety Darren Sharper said. "And it's games like this that you have to go out and prove, not only to yourself but to others, that you are for real. That's what we believe in this locker room. Now we have a chance to go out on Sunday and play a quality, tough opponent. We definitely have to show we can beat them."

    Said defensive lineman Spencer Johnson: "Any time you're at home and they favor the other team, you take offense to that, no matter who you're playing. ... It will be in the back of guys' minds, knowing that we're underdogs at home."

    The Vikings are 5-1 at the Metrodome this season, but they have defeated only one team with a winning record this season, the 9-4 New York Giants -- a big reason bookmakers and media analysts have yet to coronate them quite yet. The Steelers, who have been to the playoffs in three of the past four seasons, have victories this season over three teams with winning records -- San Diego, Cincinnati and Chicago.

    But, as Vikings quarterback Brad Johnson pointed out, the Steelers -- like the Vikings -- are 8-5, including losses in three of their past four games. Pittsburgh, moreover, hasn't won in a domed stadium since defeating Atlanta at the Georgia Dome in 1996; in their history, the Steelers are 5-7 indoors.

    "The black and gold, everyone thinks that Mean Joe [Greene] is playing," Johnson said. "But they have lost five games also."

    The past six weeks have brought quite a turnaround in team confidence for players, who were openly questioning the team's direction after a 2-5 start.

    Much of it has centered around nose tackle Pat Williams, who this week has engaged in an entertaining and good-natured back-and-forth with Steelers running back Jerome Bettis.

    Wednesday, however, Williams seemed agitated when discussing the Steelers' favored status.

    "We don't need anyone's respect," he said. "Anybody can lose on any given day. I don't care what their record is. They're not going to pay us any respect, so I don't care. We'll make our own respect.

    "Who cares what the line is for this game? They're going to put their pads on Sunday. We're going to put our pads on Sunday. It will be man against man. Point-blank. Nobody gives us any respect? We'll get our own.

    "Everybody counted us out at 2-5. I guess they wanted us to die around here. We didn't die. So [the Steelers] better buckle up, and we'll buckle up. It'll be man against man and we'll see what happens."

    Nice, Ticey has them fired up with the "Me against the world" mentality again .... Ohhhh, it's gonna be nasty out there ...

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    Re: Vikes will earn their R-E-S-P-E-C-T !!

    Tice put it on the table,

    The only way one could at this point...

    This is a very big game, for both us and the Steelers...

    If we want to really be recognized for a great turn-around season, it all starts with this game.

    But to think our team will lay down and not be noticed, I don't see that happening this week....

    We have some real players on D and can hold our own with speical teams and our O is just as good if not better than the Steelers..

    This is a game where we have to go out and smash mouth....Nothing fancy, just play some real football, old school way....

    Our players need to put some of their own boots up some Steelers Silliness......

    This is OUR HOUSE, and NO ONE is going to come in here and push us around.........PERIOD


  3. Re: Vikes will earn their R-E-S-P-E-C-T !!

    That ish got me pumped...I cant wait till sunday.

    Theres NOTHING greater then a Florida Gator!
    "I promise everyone this. When Childress is let go in two years I can honestly say this.
    "I am not surprised"."-PurplePackerEater

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    Re: Vikes will earn their R-E-S-P-E-C-T !!

    I spell respect like:



  5. Re: Vikes will earn their R-E-S-P-E-C-T !!

    "WilliamsonOfTroy" wrote:
    That ish got me pumped...I cant wait till sunday.
    I was pumped for this game when I saw it on the schedule this summer.

    I thought this was going to be for our 11th win of the season or something like that instead of our 9th win. I thought the Steelers would be better than they are also.

    I think that right now we are two teams in similar situations, both have under achieved this season. Both have had injuries. Both are struggling for a playoff birth. This is actually better than I imagined it previously.

    We are evenly matched, even though we are underdogs.

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    Re: Vikes will earn their R-E-S-P-E-C-T !!

    I will take being the underdog...all that matters in the end is who wins the game!!! And that team will be THE VIKINGS!!!

    In a related news story, the Viking organization has hired Aretha Franklin to come in and sing the National Anthem.


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    Re: Vikes will earn their R-E-S-P-E-C-T !!

    Godo there fired up, there under dogs at home, its going to be on hard hittign game and the corwd will be even pumped up more. Still hoping from phoen call from friend sayign she cant go to the game and wants to now if i want the 2 season tixs :P

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    Re: Vikes will earn their R-E-S-P-E-C-T !!

    repect you get by not playing dirty, and stuff like that. but the most important thing to get respect from the fans is to make the freaking playoffs. that is all we need
    We're bringing purple back.

  9. Re: Vikes will earn their R-E-S-P-E-C-T !!

    we're gonna win, we're gonna win, we're gonna win

    :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
    ccasion5: ccasion5: ccasion5: ccasion5:
    :bum: :bum: :bum: :bum:

    that sure as hell got me fired up even more!!!! skol vikes!!!!

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    Re: Vikes will earn their R-E-S-P-E-C-T !!

    "whiteboy" wrote:
    we're gonna win, we're gonna win, we're gonna win

    :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
    ccasion5: ccasion5: ccasion5: ccasion5:
    :bum: :bum: :bum: :bum:

    that sure as hell got me fired up even more!!!! skol vikes!!!!

    :lol: .... whiteboy, u crack me up ......

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