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    Who wants to go with me to a Caps game in DC tomorrow night?

    Any PP.O'ers in the NoVa/DC/SoMd area interested in meeting me at the MCI Center tomorrow night and coming to the Caps game with me? I have three extra tickets for my firm's just have to promise to behave, since I don't know whom else might be there.

  2. Re: Who wants to go with me to a Caps game in DC tomorrow night?

    damn cajun, i didn't know you was watched the caps! i've been watchin them since i was a kid when i used to live in md. i live in hampton, va (southeastern va) now cause i'm in the air force. i wish i could go, but gotta be at work on thursday or i'd meet ya up there. how often do you get tickets? cheer on ovechkin, that kid will do the capitals organization a lot of good. damn you're lucky

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    Re: Who wants to go with me to a Caps game in DC tomorrow night?

    I get them from time to time...I put in my request and if they are available, I get them. The main problem is I usually get them on short notice, so it is hard to make plans with other people...I was supposed to take my wife, her son and his girlfriend...but her son and his girlfriend bailed on me and my wife decided that she really didn't want to go anyway (she was only going because her son was going and we were going to get to meet his new girlfriend) now I have the extra tickets.

    Yeah, I know where Hampton is...we bought our camper down in Virginia Beach this past May, so I have been down your way before. I will try and let you know next time I get tickets and if you can come up that would be great. Always good to meet other Vikings fans out here!

  4. Re: Who wants to go with me to a Caps game in DC tomorrow ni

    it's a small world. yeah dawg, if you get some advanced notice, lemme know when and the price and the wifey and i will take ya up on your offer. my wife loves ovechkin, she's watched hockey for the past five years, but has really gotten into it this season. when i was a kid, we used to do the partial plan and go to games at the capital center in landover. i've been to the mci center twice, it's a good time. have fun at the game tomorrow, i'll be watchin it on tv :cussing:

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