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    A really good read.

    I posted this link which is excellent somewhere so obscure that I cant even find it again so I thought it would be a good idea to post it here again.
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    Re: A really good read.

    That is a very interesting article and it points up one thing that I think a lot of people have missed and that's Tice's inability to "see the forest for the trees." In other words, Tice had in mind before the season ever began who was gonna play what position and he was darn sure not going to change his mind until he was forced to do so. I think a lot of these problems could have been solved had he not been so "bull-headed" and tried to work with others moving them in and out to see who was going to perform the best.
    I also agree with his thought that when things don't go right Culpepper gets rattled too easily. Brad is a far more "calming" influence.
    Wasn't it Denny Green who lauded Culpepper as the guy who was going to develop into the bet QB in the NFL? I wonder if he still thinks that and if so maybe it's time to make a trade including Moore with the trade and get some top draft choices or a good player and a #1 draft choice.
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    Re: A really good read.

    Culpepper could still be a top QB in the NFL. its not his fault manning and him both played in the nfl last season or daunte would have had a memorable season that would have been highly publicised and he would have been mvp.

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