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  1. Bennett....Actually looked good

    Bennett actually looked good...not just the fact that he got over 100 yards, but he was gaining yards after contact and making people miss :shock: Something here must be wrong

  2. Re: Bennett....Actually looked good

    :lol: Bennett looked really good. 100 yards on the day. Good game all around.

  3. Re: Bennett....Actually looked good

    Yep, and he needs to do it next week as well!

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    Re: Bennett....Actually looked good

    he was also looking good because he was getting plays for him to run to the outside. when the middle wasnt open he didnt get gains

  5. Re: Bennett....Actually looked good

    Nothing makes sense in this world
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    Re: Bennett....Actually looked good

    He has always been good, its just hard to perform from the sideline. A running back needs more than 5 carries a game to show what he can do.

  7. Re: Bennett....Actually looked good

    Great day for Bennett. Hopefully we can keep this up and have a nice 1,2 punch at the running back position to help out Brad and the passing game. Lets keep this going! SKOL
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    Re: Bennett....Actually looked good

    Exactly Gift.. I liked to see the split carries like that.. Everyone got carries

  9. Re: Bennett....Actually looked good

    It was nice to see the good day by Bennett.
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    Re: Bennett....Actually looked good

    Anyone see the after game in the locker room? Bennett got game ball!! They said way to hang in there man.. And sang him a lil song lol.. I couldn't help but smile.. I still love my Bennett!

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