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  1. Re: Let's talk gameplan against the Giants

    I agree - our D needs to try to dictate the speed of the game instead of always being so passive on the road.

  2. Re: Let's talk gameplan against the Giants

    Honestly we do have a shot but it isnt a great shot.
    So far playing on the Road we look like garbage.
    And were playing our favorite team on the ROAD.
    Hopefully we can get a miracle and win.
    This is the real test for Brad, becuz last week against the Lions Defense, i think every QB should be able to do that, so hopefully brad can get it together again and start rolling. I think they need to find Nate more, and I love the blocking Travis Taylor did against the Lions, and we need to come out running the ball all over the Giants. That then will open the pass like last week. Giants have a weak D, so we must come out strong right away. On D, we need to stop Tiki Right away, otherwise he will rush for 100+. We need to put Pressure on the other QB I hate as much as Peyton, his brother. He is only in his 2nd year and having way to good of season as a soph. Pressue Eli and make him make mistakes.
    I think this is a big Challenge and could be a redeemed himself "Napolean Harris" on Jeremy Shockey. Harris has been doing ok for the last two weeks, but this is the true test the 2nd best Tightend in the league, so harris has a lot on his plate. I dont know who should cover PLaxico but whoever is doing will need help. Double him i dont care if they got TOomer and Shocky.
    K-ROB and Nate "Thee Great"
    Making it look like
    TICK 81:18 TOCK

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    Re: Let's talk gameplan against the Giants

    Thoughtful post umaguma. I agree.

    Brad reads and releases quickly, recognizing mismatches. I hope he can have just enough time to take advantage of their porous secondary.

    I hate to face another quality tightend.

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  4. Re: Let's talk gameplan against the Giants

    I think we should get Nap Harris in the backfield with some blitzes and probably get Sharper on Shockey because I really don't think any of our LB's can run with him.

  5. Re: Let's talk gameplan against the Giants

    Good old fashion running the football with Jimmy K and some pulling lineman out there in space. Tice keeps saying we "need to start fast." I think he means fast in the terms of intensity because the Vikes really needs to slow the game down. We need time of possesion and ball control to help keep that Giants offense out of rhythm.

    Did you guys watch last week's 49er's Giants game? It sure was not pretty fact I think it was like 6 to nothing at the half. The 49er's hung in there with a 4th string rookie QB who blocks on special teams.

    I agree on paper we are an underdog. But on any given Sunday; records, stats, history all goes out the window this day in the NFL.

    If any anyone can engineer a win - its BJ.

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    Re: Let's talk gameplan against the Giants

    It will be tougher on defense without Smoot now Brian Williams will have to cover Toomer or Burress so that will cut down or eliminate his ability to blitz the QB unless Brown, Gallishaw, or Edwards can take on that role. On offense we have to get some long drives going to eat the clock and slowly wear the Giants defense down if we can get in that kind of offensive groove we can win this game.
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  7. Re: Let's talk gameplan against the Giants

    Game plan against the Giants? 1. Review the game plans we had in our 4 road games this year, and 2. Do the exact opposite.

    All kidding aside, I'd like to see a real commitment to run the football. Let that offensive line go out and hit someone and give the ball to Bennett 20-25 times. Win the game by controlling the line of scrimmage.

    Defensively, I think it would be a big mistake to think we're going to be successful blitzing Eli. He's not easily rattled and he's able to move in the pocket and avoid pressure better than most young quarterbacks. Key on Tiki Barber and take him out of the game. If he has a big game, we are dead. On passing routes, play containment and limit yards after the catch to a minimum. And don't miss tackles.

    Easier said than done.

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    Re: @ Giants is biggest game of the year for us

    we got something to prove and william-son and burle-son are going to NY to score..i mean to go to scores! haha.

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    Re: @ Giants is biggest game of the year for us

    After doing some research, I have become very optomistic about us winning on Sunday.

    Despite their 6-2 record they've been taunting;

    Mannings passing completion percentage is only 51.6%, with 5 interceptions & 12 sacks :grin:

    Another interesting fact 4 of the 6 teams they beat so far this year are the
    Cardinals, Saints, Rams & the 49ers.

    The other two wins are the Broncos (24-23) & the Redskins (whom they smoked 36-0)

    They have lost to the Chargers & the Cowboys.

    Now how do you feel about our chances of winning?

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

  10. Re: @ Giants is biggest game of the year for us

    They sure got blown out in the Chargers game. Mentally, this could be a huge boost for the Vikings and us fans.

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