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    Are you a "True Fan"?

    Here we go again with the 2 most dreaded words this season, "True Fan".

    It is funny how people can even say that. How in the hell can you judge a fan? Do you compare them to yourself? Are you the epitomy of a true fan? I guess so people just have a little algorithm that they look to in order to assure themselves they fit the mold as a "true fan"; then they can come in here and let those who are not know it.

    I am a fan. True, false, any of the above...I am a fan. If you are here, you are a fan. If you wanted Pep benched, traded, released, or flogged you are probably a fan. Just because you may feel a certain way about the Vikes or their players that does not necesarily follow along the same lines as the majority does not make you any less of a fan than the next guy.

    I mean, he do you gauge a fan? You can't. So, lets all get along and just accept the fact that some people choose to make their opinions known and those opinions may not agree with yours. Like I said, we are all here because we are "fans" of the Vikings.

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    Re: Are you a "True Fan"?

    Not a fan of the true fan posts but I like the way you put and hope we stop kicking each other and the Vikes kick Garcia next week.

  3. Re: Are you a "True Fan"?

    great points ultra, there has been alot of arguing on this site lately

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    yeah - just the frustrations of another losing Viking season - but hey, thats why we are Vikings fans.

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    Re: Are you a "True Fan"?

    Anyone that has made it this far this season is a true fan in my book. :smile:


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    "RK" wrote:
    Anyone that has made it this far this season is a true fan in my book. :smile:
    yeah no crap, alot of so called vikes fans in my school gave up after we were 0-2, that tells you alot about them

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    Re: Are you a "True Fan"?

    In the decades that I've followed the Vikes they have always disappointed me. I want to see them win the SB before I die. I probably have at least four more decades to wait. I have learned patience being a Viking fan.....maybe next year is the year.

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    Re: Are you a "True Fan"?

    ill still be wearing my vikings stuff with pride. the house is on fire, and im inside, and there is no chance of me leaving. i am going down with the ship.
    We're bringing purple back.

  9. Re: Are you a "True Fan"?

    I think everyone on this site is just so fraustrated. I consider myself a true fan but I have to be honest, I have been walking away from games at halftime a lot this season.

  10. Re: Are you a "True Fan"?

    it's just a real hard season to watch, but it's the games like greenbay that still keepit worth it.

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