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  1. Minnesota's Tues. Rumors

    NFL Trade Rumors

    Vikings could swap Culpepper for Rivers
    October 25
    St. Paul Pioneer Press (scroll down) (registration required): "Some people think that if Arizona coach Denny Green is able to trade for quarterback Daunte Culpepper, left, the Vikings might be able to use the Cardinals' 2006 first-round draft pick to trade with San Diego for quarterback Philip Rivers."

    Vikings reject extension offer for Burleson
    October 25
    St. Paul Pioneer Press (registration required): "The agent for receiver Nate Burleson said his efforts this week to work out a long-term extension for his client were rebuffed by the Vikings."

    Vikings to work out Colombo
    October 25
    Minneapolis Star Tribune (scroll down) (registration required): "The Vikings plan to bring in former Chicago offensive tackle Marc Colombo for a workout today. Colombo, the Bears' first-round pick in 2002, was released in September."

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    Re: Minnesota's Tues. Rumors

    Isn't the trade deadline up? And why would we want Phillip Rivers?

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: Minnesota's Tues. Rumors

    Rack the Culpepper-Rivers trade deal right up there with the Hershel Walker trade.

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Minnesota's Tues. Rumors

    Trade Deadline is long GONE!!!

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    Re: Minnesota's Tues. Rumors

    HAHA.. Where do u get all them hilarious animations Del?!

  6. Re: Minnesota's Tues. Rumors

    I believe they mean after the current season.

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Minnesota's Tues. Rumors

    That's one hell of a rumor then being a year away LMAO!!!

    The reasoning behind that is the Chargers have some cap room, and two good QB's

    That's the problem though they have TWO good QB's already. I think that is the dumbest rumor I have ever heard on here in the last year and that is saying a lot.

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    Re: Minnesota's Tues. Rumors

    Del where do u get ur animations at?

    I agree it is the dumbest rumor i've heard too.. No way are we trading away our franchise QB for a pretty much rookie who hasn't even started a game

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Minnesota's Tues. Rumors

    I make some, I get some off the other boards I frequent.

    Gaming boards mostly.

    I work in a graphic design office so we all send each other junk all day, it piles up. These are the tame ones, the ones I feel safe posting here LOL.

  10. Re: Minnesota's Tues. Rumors

    There was a time when there was no way we were ever going to trade Randy Moss either. Not saying the this rumor is far fetched, Im just saying

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