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  1. Dissapointed in the fans

    Week 7 of the NFL 2005-06 season and I gotta say...SOME Vikings fans have jumped ship already. Now I understand that it's been a frustrating year so far....and I understand that everyone has their own unique way to "root" for his/her team but I'm dissapointed with some of the Vikings fans. First, you have the people that are at the game with the bags on their heads. If this is how they feel..then so be it..I may not agree with it..but hey..that's your right....but as if it never happened these yahoos are jumping up and down pumping their fists, giving high fives....then start giving the Packers fans crap..when the Vikings start coming back.....what the? Packers fans LOVED to see the Vikings fans with paper sacks on their heads....
    Second, I've been to every home game for the last 8 I know that there's always going to be a number of fans from the other team...and there is always a pretty good representation of Packer fans at the dome. But yesterday was a JOKE. Seats that are normally filled with Vikings fans...season ticket holders by the way...were filled with Packers fans. Every where you looked there were Packers fans. Back in the early 90's the dome used to be about half and half for the Packers game....but that had seemed a thing of the past until yesterday. So much for home field advantage huh?
    I know that most of the fans that go to the games for the most part are pretty darn loyal....and I know that there are always going to be the exceptions...but yeterday was not a good showing for alot of Vikings fans.
    The Minnesota Vikings organzation needs the fans support more now, than maybe at any other time in team're either in...or you're out...cuz when they get this thing straighted out...whether it's this year...or next year... or 5 years..there may not be room on the Purple ship for you fair weather fans. Tice is our coach...Culpepper is our with it....when the season is over, then let the winds of change start blowing.

  2. Re: Dissapointed in the fans

    the fans with bags on their head should give their tickets to me :grin:

    Thanks Josdin

  3. Re: Dissapointed in the fans

    Unfortunately because I live in DC I can't go to the games, otherwise I would be at every single one. But I will be at the Ravens Vikings game on Dec 25th wearing the only proper purple jersey!


    DCPologirl:Maybe Randy will make Aaron Brooks look better......roflmao Del Rio: I guarantee he will

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    Re: Dissapointed in the fans

    DCPologirl......You wont be the only one..................

    "If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn t thinking."
    - General George Patton Jr

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    Re: Dissapointed in the fans

    Actually I didn't think there were as many Packers fans there as I thought there were going to be. But I guess any Packer fan is too many! I almost had to cover my ears when they started yelling Go Pack Go, man that was sickening!

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  6. Re: Dissapointed in the fans

    Good to hear! I will look forward to seeing other fans wearing the proper purple at the game! The only purple! Where are ya from?

    DCPologirl:Maybe Randy will make Aaron Brooks look better......roflmao Del Rio: I guarantee he will

  7. Re: Dissapointed in the fans

    The fans with bags on their heads should be forced to become packer fans. Come on????

  8. Re: Dissapointed in the fans

    I have been saying that about the GB game in the dome for a while. I was pissed last Dec when I went to the game. It was 1/3 packer backers. It is terrible. I came to the conclusion that some of the Viking fans sell those tickets to help pay for the rest of the tickets. I just don't get it.

    I hear ya about the Unknown Viking Fans, next time you see one of them tell them to head to San Antonio to watch the aints with Red and the Saints owner.

  9. Re: Dissapointed in the fans

    ya i was at the game and there was a lot of packer fans probably 1/4, but not half. And yeah there were fans Booing and turning their culpeper jerseys inside out i guess if you think they deserve to be booed, then boo them but dont expect them to play better. How does Booing help your team, ya they came back, but what do the players think he half of the viking fans are booing them?
    And all i heard at half is put Brad in culpeper is washed up. I knew if we would comeback it would be CPEP not brad Johnsons.

    And thank god for tice for leaving DPEP in there and saving the TO.

    But ya i bet those packer fans just loved it how half of us were acting, i know if packer fans were like that i would be talking crap all game too.

  10. Re: Dissapointed in the fans

    Now lets not jump to conclusions. Maybe some of these people just wanted to hide their faces because they are really ugly. In that case we should give them props for having the guts to come out and support the team even though any minute that bad could fly off their heads and they would be laughed at.

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