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  1. Running Back for the future

    So i see that the vikings have a shit load of problems.
    what do you guys think about us signing a premier back(i.e. shaun alexander, edge james) or drafting one next year?

  2. Re: Running Back for the future

    I love the idea...I have been and probably will remain a Bennett fan (where ever he goes). But with the latest round of 'scandals' I don't see them retaining Bennett after his contract runs out. Also, I see O. Smith being givin' his walking papers. Moore I still think is the future 'Moe', but way to fragile for an everydown back.
    After this year, win or lose, I think Wilf will have to clean house in order to keep the wheels greased on a new stadium.

  3. Re: Running Back for the future

    And more to the point...I would love to make a strong run for Alexander.

  4. Re: Running Back for the future

    Edge and Alexander would cost a good bit of cash, and neither are spring chickens. How could the be the back for "the future"?

  5. Re: Running Back for the future

    by future i mean like the next 3 years

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    Re: Running Back for the future

    *Cough* Reggie *cough* Bush

    or Maroney?

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    Re: Running Back for the future

    Reggie Bush if possible.

    The rigors of Spartan life. Leonidas is cast out into the wild, and survives the harsh winter to return to his home, when he is crowned King ....a Viking!


  8. Re: Running Back for the future

    Premier running backs are not a good use of cap money. The risk/reward does not add up. Lineman are more durable than running backs. Teams are much better off putting their money in the O-line than in the runner. Look at how many running backs have looked good behind a good Vikings line.....M.Williams, Darrin Nelson (1987), R. Smith (but was a great back in his oneright), M.Bennett, Moore, etc....

    I think the Vikings are better off improving the line and using the capable stable of backs they currently have. Moore is a very capable back and Fason looks like he can be a between the tackles guy. Plus, every year there are fresh young backs in the draft that seem to adjust to the NFL faster than any other skilled position on offense.

  9. Re: Running Back for the future

    From what I have heard De'Angelo Williams is a stud ..and someone who carry the rock 25-30 times a game if needed.
    ~ I BLEED PURPLE!! ~

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    Re: Running Back for the future

    Umaguma, when has Michael Bennett looked good?

    I don't know what people criticized me during the off season when I brought up the fact of trying to sign Alexander. Alexander is not old. If he is than I want to be old too. The guy is leading the league in TDs and yards. I'm glad everyone thought he would be a "cancer". The only tumor he's carrying is the football and doing a great job at it. I wanted this guy ever since he put a beating on us in that Monday night game a couple of years ago. He's a stud.

    I have to agree a lineman is what the Vikings need in the 1st round at this point in the season. Then again, McKinney hasn't exactly matched his expectations. It all may depend on how well Finotu (spelling) does. I think Fowler did a good overall job the other day and if Marcus Johnson learns the game he can be a stud too. A running back like Bush would be great or even a stud linebacker is what we really need. Believe it or not, our RB core isn't bad with Moore, Fason, and Moe. Not sure what's going to happen with Whizzy but he isn't bad. Bennett will for sure be gone. I for one hope he is. I wish him luck because I like him but I just don't think he's good. Anyway, I want to beat GB. I'd like to see Pep break out of his funk.

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