Yesterday was Dauntes best game all year...and I don't
mean with "statistics". His stats were good too, but he
played with as much confidence as I have ever seen him play with.
You can clearly see the difference in a game when your QB executes
and does it when it is time to be clutch. He had one bad play when he
tried a quick pass right on a third down in Cheif territory and fumbled the ball. It killed the drive. His tipped int was not his
fault. The receiver( I believe Burleson) stopped running, the pass would have been there. Daunte also didn't exit the pocket
"automatically"...he was pretty patient. So , I give Daunte the game ball for yesterdays victory, he executed when it counted.
This is one game however. If yesterdays Daunte can show up a few more times beginning next week, we can make some noise in the post