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  1. Will the True Fans Please Stand up!?!

    I am definelty a true fan, and I think most people on this site SHOULD be true fans. I am not afraid to admit it, I dont conceal it, I tell the truth. I AM A TRUE VIKINGS FAN. I live and die vikings, and am with them through the good and bad. Will the people that are true vikings fans please show it in this post and throughout this forum? We have to stick together through the good and the bad, SO LETS DO IT!


    (A true fan is one that never gives up on their team, is with them through the good and the bad. True fans believe that they can come back at any time. True fans obviously love the minnesota vikings more than any other nfl team! True fans obviously stick up for their team and dont let anyone talk bad about them!)

  2. Re: Will the True Fans Please Stand up!?!

    What, by any standard constitutes a true fan? I believe most here are fans, or they wouldn't bother taking the time to even be here...sure there may be some fairweather fans, but the measure should be by whom is still taking the time to be here.
    Can a fan not feel disapointment, or even dare speak out against a team that obviously has issues? Some of the players voice their opinions, they mention that they don't care about what we, the fans think...but I still support this team, good or bad!

  3. Re: Will the True Fans Please Stand up!?!

    Considering the plethora of different opinions regarding who is and isn't a "true" fan, I would be willing to guess that the definition of "true" fan changes with the wind.

    Some think that being a true fan means to keep your trap shut, be optimistic all the time, and to take your lumps without voicing an opinion. Other fans think that being a true fan means to air dissatisfaction, call for changes (often times really negativly) and expect more from a franchise that they truly care about.

    Niether side has a strangle-hold on what it means to be a "true" fan. So can we, for once, dispense with calling out other fans, and just discuss things worth discussing.
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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Will the True Fans Please Stand up!?!

    I don't think there is a good definition of a true fan. I do know there are fans here that would likely get there ass's kicked in a bar if they acted the same way though.

    So take it for what it is worth. This is the only place people can come to make crazy suggestions and act like idiots and survive. It's the answer to Darwin.

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    Re: Will the True Fans Please Stand up!?!

    define? really tired of this "True Fan" junk. Either you support the team through thick and thin, or you don't. Anyone who still frequents this site still this season to discuss the team, IMO is not a bandwagon or fair weather fan. In which case, doesn't need to justify their alliance to this team by any title or explanation, period.

  6. Re: Will the True Fans Please Stand up!?!

    In 1985 I didn't know what a Vikings fan was til I met my Brian in 1986. He was born in Minneapolis, moved to California two years later, and he bleeds purple. We took our vows in '88 and to remain loyal and true as a Viking fan was one of the vows I took. :clown: I've had a blast ever since. We have a wall in our game room dedicated to the Vikes; Fran 1962, PPE's, BG, Chris Carter, helmets.. Also has some Twins stuff, but that's another board.

    It's pretty cool to meet you all. ccasion5: SKOL!
    yvonne (and brian)

  7. Re: Will the True Fans Please Stand up!?!

    Yvonne it's great to meet another female displaced vikings fan. I am new around here too. (not a new viking fan though...been one since my birth in 1974) Welcome and SKOL!

    DCPologirl:Maybe Randy will make Aaron Brooks look better......roflmao Del Rio: I guarantee he will

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    Re: Will the True Fans Please Stand up!?!

    We are all fans here or we wouldn't be here. Fans have different views & opinions. Opinions don't have a right or wrong answer. That's why they are called opinions.

    Freedom of speech is what makes America the best country in the world!

    Let's not forget that.

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  9. Re: Will the True Fans Please Stand up!?!

    A person can be a true fan of the organization, without being a fan of certain players. Thats obvious by reading the different threads on here.

    Anger, and passion are both emotions.

    When you go to a game at the dome, you hear people cheer when we win, but you will also hear those same people boo if we play poorly. If someone didn't really care about the team, they wouldn't be expressing either of them.
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  10. Re: Will the True Fans Please Stand up!?!

    What is a true fan? Am I? Are you? A fan is a fan is fan IMO. We're all way of being a fan is just way. That doesn't make me more of a fan than anyone's just me...I'm bored with the "true fan" subject.
    A couple guys on the radio (93X) say they are going to the game on Sunday but that they're going to wear a paper bag over their head to show how "embarrassed they are to be Vikings fans." I'm embarassed that they call themselves fans. I don't always like the way the team plays, or acts or who they trade or don't the end of the day I'm still a fan.
    You start giving a Packers Fan crap about anything and what's the first thing they bring up..."Oh yea...well how many superbowls have the Vikings won?" ZERO...but does that mean I shouldn't be a fan...that I should go out and buy a cheese wedge and start sniffing glue..and take my sister to the Prom?

    God help me if I have to sit next to some yahoo with a paper bag over his/her head.

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