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  1. Anyone going to the game?

    Just wondering if anyone is going to the game this Sunday against Green bay? We'll be 7am sharp. Look me up if anyone wants to meet up.

  2. Re: Anyone going to the game?

    Just joined this site this second looking for fans going to the game. Yep, we're coming in on Saturday from Southern California. Our first game in the Dome (other than the Twins). Saw the Vikes play the Chargers in SD a couple years ago and had a blast!!! Great to meet up with other fans.

    I have questions about the tailgating at Rapid. How early do you think we should get there? Does it get sold out? Any tips you can give for us out of staters would be great! :grin:

    This is a great site!!! Wished I would have been here earlier.

    yvonne (and brian too)
    yvonne (and brian)

  3. Re: Anyone going to the game?

    Well, first off..welcome to the site.

    someone get these guys a beer!

    As far as tailgating goes...there are many options for tailgating, although it seems less and less every year. I've never been to Rapid Park, but I hear that it's huge. The only downfall that I can see is that it's a LONG way from the dome...but they do give you either a buss pass or a Train pass to get to the dome...I think. The lots will fill up early this weekend seeing as how it's "CHEESE WEEK" and all. We are usually at the lot by 7am..but I think 8 would still get you a pretty good spot. We tailgate about 4 blocks north of the Dome..just north of Washington Ave. and I really like that lot. It's close to the dome...port-a-poties (for the Gals) and it's always packed. It costs about 20 bucks to park there...not sure about rapid park though! If you guys are interested to meet up with some local Vikings fans let me know.

  4. Re: Anyone going to the game?

    Hey thanks for reponding so fast. So at the lot you guys go to, I would assume you just walk to the game then right?

    Brian's cousins live in MN and a couple are tailgating with us, but not going to the game. So trying to get a plan together on that. We would love to hook up with all you guys!
    yvonne (and brian)

  5. Re: Anyone going to the game?

    Yea...we walk to the dome..from our lot. We too will probably have a couple extra people tailgating but not going into the game. We will have a power inverter and TV for those guys. PM me and I will give you my Cell phone...we live just over the border into Wisconsin..(from MN though)...Our plan is to start tailgatin in my driveway on Saturday night....nothing like CHEESE WEEK!

  6. Re: Anyone going to the game?

    I sent you a PM but not sure if you got it, it doesn't show in my Outbox, I may need to tweak some stuff. We're seeing family (all of Bri's family lives there) on Saturday night but Sunday is totally dedicated to the Vikings.

    See you soon! We'll be the ones shivering.
    yvonne (and brian)

  7. Re: Anyone going to the game?

    ::sing with me::: Torn between two parking lots, feeling like a fool... ok sorry, feeling a tad giddy about this weekend. Is this going to be the best time or what? Just can't decide whether to go to Rapid or the other one...

    Anyone else going?

    I really need to get some work done but I can't think about anything else. My Brian is finally going to be around people that appreicate the Pride. ccasion4:

    ps bleed got your pm--thx!
    yvonne (and brian)

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