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    Disgust...on every level.

    I finally turned off the Viking-V-Bears game...after Culpepper threw his 2nd pick...and all I can say is....

    [size=24px]MY GOD DO WE SUCK!!!!![/size]

    Through the first quarter and most of the second, I watched our team turn to jello each time we got into scoring range. I watched time and time again as Culpepper went to Wiggins short when we needed to get deep. I watched run after run up the middle...most being stuffed.

    If that wasn't bad enough, I watched a defense that couldn't get all cylinders firing. I watched pat Williams turn in a stellar performance, only to have it tarnished with the poo the rest of the team was offering up.

    After 5 games, you would think that there would be SOME improvement...there hasn't been. Sure, there are 11 games left, but I honestly can't look at a single one and say that we have an even chance of winning it now. NOT ONE!!!

    I was upset with the Atlanta loss, but I could at least write it off as being beaten by a darn good team. What do I write THIS off as? How do I look at the product we've put on the field for 5 weeks and say, "We're going to do better"?

    I can't.

    The way I see it, and I know people will get their undies in a bunch over this, is that MOSS MADE CULPEPPER!!! Let me say it again, in case you think you misread that...

    [size=24px]MOSS MADE CULPEPPER!!!![/size]

    Anyone care to step up and dispute that? Anyone? Want to tell me NOW how we were so smart to trade Randy away? Want to tell me I'm not a Viking fan for saying so? Want to tell me that we're a better team for having gotten Williamson, Cowert, and Harris? Want to try the tired - and false - line about how we bought this new defense with that trade?


    We screwed ourselves royally there. We gave up what we had offensively and got BUPKIS in return. Our brand new Defense just made Kyle Orton look like a Pro-Bowler!! We just made the 1-3 (now 2-3) Bears look like a Play-Off caliber team!!! And, most telling, we've scored ONE touchdown in the last two games!!!

    So, can we fix it? I don't know. I'd like to say "yes"...but I can't. With one trade, we went from needing a couple of pieces to a "rebuilding mode" team...but we forgot to go out and get QUALITY coaching while we were doing it.

    So, buckle in boys and girls. There's 11 more weeks of this crap comming our way. As long as we play at this pathetic level we've played at for the past 5 games, we WILL wind up in the cellar of the NFCN. Packer fans will be flooding our boards to remind us of all of the bold pre-season predictions...and we won't have a leg to stand on.

    How do you like your crow cooked?

    Pass the A1, please.


  2. Re: Disgust...on every level.

    I admit it. The Vikings are terrible without Moss. I was wrong.

    You're much, much worse without him.

    I am SO restraining myself from making a joke on this. You guys are suffering enough, though.
    Have you ever seen a race of turtles, and they all go the wrong way instead of towards the finish line?

    Welcome to the NFC North.

  3. Re: Disgust...on every level.

    yeah, the Vikes are bad. Bears don't even have a high school offense and they still won 28-3

    Culpepper looks terrible out there without Moss

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    Re: Disgust...on every level.

    "LosAngelis" wrote:
    I admit it. The Vikings are terrible without Moss. I was wrong.

    You're much, much worse without him.

    I am SO restraining myself from making a joke on this. You guys are suffering enough, though.
    No, really, fire away. You know we would if the situation was reversed.

    My new Viking theme song is AC/DC's "Who made who".


  5. Re: Disgust...on every level.

    we did not make Orton look like a Pro Bowl QB he only threw for a little over a 100 yards. so i respectfully have to disagree with you on this.

    we miss Linehan more than Moss i think. in the games last year we didn't have Moss we still were competitive in the games i know we lost but we were still in the game. once again these are just my opinions.

    Thanks Josdin

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    Re: Disgust...on every level.

    entire NFC North is being move to CFL

  7. Re: Disgust...on every level.

    I'm with ya Caine.

    I've argue this issue untill blue in the face. In return, I was told, "get over it", "your beating a dead horse", and "Moss hasn't done anything in Oakland".

    Hershal Walker trade? I think it's clear that this ranks up there with that.

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    Re: Disgust...on every level.

    I agree with you Caine. For those of us that kept saying that the Moss trade was the worst thing to happen to the Vikes since Bud Grant retiring, I guess there is some vindication. I would rather have been proved wrong. :sad: For those of you that think Moss was a "cancer in the locker room" I got news for you. he was the kemo that was keeping the cancer at bay. I don't think we could even beat a good college team right now.

    It looks like next year is the start of yet another rebuilding program with hopes of making the big game 3-4 years down the road again. How depressing. All I can say is never let a used car salesman buy your team. Make no mistake it was Red that screwed the Vikes. :evil:


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    Re: Disgust...on every level.

    I thought the D was okay and our Punter is the real deal......

    Our O is non existent as of now.......


  10. Re: Disgust...on every level.

    whatever happened to that addition by subtraction thing?

    looks like Moss meant more to the team than some of you thought

    I'm just happy to see that the Vikes defense is actually WORSE than last years defense, especially since they added guys like Williams, Smoot, and Darren "The human matador" Sharper

    any of you guys STILL think Sharper is good?

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