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    Newman > Harris?

    I have been picking on Harris since pre-season. Well we're 3 games in to the season and am I the only one who still thinks that Napolean Harris is the least productive player in starting lineup? Everytime Newman is in at SAM I see him making plays (with less playing time than Harris I assume). I watched Harris simply suck during the second Saints TD (he let the guy catch the ball in front of him and didn't lay a finger on him setting of 1st and goal. Then he totally blew coverage on the TD pass).

    I don't hear Cowart's name too much either, but I think his leadership is apparent and is making a difference. That might explain the defensive breakdown against the Bengals.

    Harris though, hasn't shown me a damn thing so far. If MeMo can pass Bennett in the depth chart, I don't see why Newman can't pass Harris.

    PS1: Kudos to Offord for being a fine replacement for Sharper.
    PS2: Hats off to Kluwe for punting the heck out of that ball (leads NFL in punt average).
    PS3: Compliments to Edinger on 4 FGs. Sure he missed one, but thos FGs all add-up.
    PS4: Thumbs up to K-Rob on the 43 yargd kick return. These guys all stepped up and made a difference in the game yesterday.
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  2. Re: Newman > Harris?

    Ya I know what your sayin. Seems like Nappo is invisible out there. Keith Newman has really stepped his game up.

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    Re: Newman > Harris?

    I wonder about Harris too right now.

    I will post the year to date stats in the Gameday section like I do each week. I will be curious to see those numbers between the two....

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    Re: Newman > Harris?

    I have to agree. Ya hear Newman's name all over the place and Nappo is none existant .... Hope he gets more playing time, but may take awhile as Ticey might have an aversion to sitting Nappo more since he was part of the trade with that WR I refuse to name.

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    Re: Newman > Harris?

    Keep in mind Harris and Cowart are new to the system. Coming from completely different styles of play to try and make an impact here. Wasn't Harris a MLB as well?

    I don't think he has made a BIG play that would make you say wow, but he seems to be around the ball alot.

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    Re: Newman > Harris?

    I hope he is not a bust????

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  7. Re: Newman > Harris?

    "Big C" wrote:
    PS1: Kudos to Offord for being a fine replacement for Sharper.
    PS2: Hats off to Kluwe for punting the heck out of that ball (leads NFL in punt average).
    Offord did great! They actually moved Chavous over to replace Sharper, and Offord plyed SS. Too bad Offord may have a serious knee injury.

    For the last few weeks I read on this site how Kluwe has been killing the ball - I guess I never noticed it until this game. Holy cow that leg is a cannon!

  8. Re: Newman > Harris?

    I don't see any reason why Keith Newman should not be starting for us. The guy just makes plays.

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    Re: Newman > Harris?

    I was listening to the game via NFL Field Pass, and the announcers kept saying how badly Harris was getting beaten in coverage by RB's and tight ends. Maybe he just needs more time to get used to his current position, but, it doesn't sound good to me.
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    Re: Newman > Harris?

    Kieth Newman is playing awesome football, not to go overboard but he at times looks like Ray Lewis flying to ball launching hiself into mid air and knocking somebody on there bottom. He is also playing the pass game to perfection.

    Harris needs to visit the bench, i thought this guy was gonna be better, i know its early but still, if he's that good he would have already did something to impress me in the regular season. Does anyone else think he looks uncordinated when he runs, like he has no agility, its kinda wierd?

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