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    FOX Sports Viking Preview

    Here it is:

    They are predicting that Goldberg will start at center sometime this season...we shall soon see.

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    i sure hope not, i think goldberg is a penalty waiting to happen, plus i think withrow has learned alot from birk and will do ok this season

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    Re: FOX Sports Viking Preview

    Goldberg isn't that bad of a lineman and he was definitly better than that hack Dorsey who we got rid of.
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    I don't think Goldberg will be that bad either. He had a lot of penalties when I first started watching him play, but since then he's had some pretty good games. I think he played pretty well vs Green Bay in the playoffs last season. (as did most of the vikes...bummer for bayboys!) Also, I didn't realize that boy was that big! Nothing wrong with have 310 pounds at centre!

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    Re: FOX Sports Viking Preview

    i really do hope that Goldberg takes over the center spot.. i believe with his size, and his speed he'll do well. More so i'd hope Birk sits with him and isolates the two Withrow and Goldberg for serious 1 - 1 training on the position. get all the mental ques down and use Birks knowledge to it's most if he can't play this year.

    if it does go this way, i bet goldberg will end up a pro bowl center.. (not just from biased opionin) but he is quick off the ball, and with his size could be a good hole opener / blocker.


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    Re: FOX Sports Viking Preview

    Melvin Fowler will be backing up Withrow, and may be starting by week 4.

    He is the palyer that we acquired for Dorsey in a trade with Cleveland.
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    Re: FOX Sports Viking Preview

    Personally I thought Dorsey did a pretty darn good job last year for being a rookie thrust into a starting role! But as I say, that's why I'm not a coach!

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    Withrow calls a good game, but if we can't run the ball then we should look to Fowler, or Goldberg if he can recognize the blitz and where it is coming from...

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