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    Draft Maroney NOW

    Gads, the Vikes should draft U of M's Maroney now. 153 yards and two touchdowns in less than 1 quarter. Just watching the game.
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    Re: Draft Maroney NOW

    Yeah, if they could.....the Vikes don't need anymore backs, after this season Smith will be back, Bennett will be gone...Mewelde Moore will be a star....who knows where we go after this season....if we need a RB, we should go for it, although I am sure some douche like Mel Kiper Jr. will be like "he has no future in the league" but anyway what a debut.....


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    Re: Draft Maroney NOW

    Just to clear everything up, he's talking about Laurence Maroney, from the University of Minnesota. He's a running back.

    I'm not a gopher lover so I didn't know who he was talking about at first. Anyways, yeah he looks pretty dern good, not sure if I'd take a RB in the draft that high though, I think we should focus on O-Line.

  4. Re: Draft Maroney NOW

    I could see him as a possibility come draft day along with Greg Eslinger(sp) the Minn. center. Both of them should be available in the 25-32 range as of right now. Although you have to remember they are playing Tulsa and he hasnt looked to amazing running inside. (Mario Manningham)

  5. Re: Draft Maroney NOW

    Was he supposed to be better or worse than Marion Barber?

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    Also hes almost 1/2 to the single game rushing record set by none other than LT with 406yards.

    Another Laurence Maroney stat:
    Cedric Benson vs Michigan: 23 carries 70yards
    Laurence Maroney vs Michigan: 19 carries 145yards
    Michigan's run D is one of the tops in the nation.

    He also avged over 7ypc in 6 of 11 games. (Mario Manningham)

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    Re: Draft Maroney NOW

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    Nah, we dont need another running back. Besides marooney did this against tulsa. Come on tulsa now. Tulsa sucks big time, even my warriors crushed them pretty badly last season as well.
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    Re: Draft Maroney NOW

    Maroney would be better than any of the vikings backs. He is a great talent. His stats don't lie. Sure he plays some pee on teams, but he gets good stats against everyone. He just puts up even better numbers against the bad teams. But like fred3105 pointed out, he puts up good numbers against a great D like Michigan. I would be shocked if he wasn't a top 2 running back taken in next years draft!

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  10. Re: Draft Maroney NOW

    He should be a top 2 rb in the draft. He looked good last night! He might not last till our 32nd pick in the draft next year.

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