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Thread: Nate is 24!!!

  1. Nate is 24!!!

    Big Nate is a whopping 24 years old today. I think Daunte should serve him up at least one TD tonight.
    SKOL Burleson!!!

  2. Re: Nate is 24!!!

    Pep To Nate first drive,, TD... Happy B-day Nate B. A 24 TD season?skol

  3. Re: Nate is 24!!!

    Damn.. I knew he was young but I guess I never really gave it any thought. He seems like he is 25-26 for some reason but I knew he was 23 last year in madden.....
    Anyways.. Happy b-day N8 the Gr8!!!!

  4. Re: Nate is 24!!!

    Wow! 24 and ready for an All-Pro year. You know, that's not too far behind Randy Moss. Nate's really becoming something special!

  5. Re: Nate is 24!!!

    happy b day nate, you sure don't act 24 and i mean that in a good way, this guy acts like a vet and hes only been in the league for two seasons

  6. Re: Nate is 24!!!

    He should celebrate his birthday by scoring 24td this season.

  7. Re: Nate is 24!!!

    Happy B-day N8!

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    Re: Nate is 24!!!

    Nate is quickly gaining more and more respect from the league. He acts like a vet at age 23/24!!!

    [size=18px]Happy B-Day Nate![/size]

  9. Re: Nate is 24!!!

    Hope he rocks the nfl this year and stakes a claim as one of the emerging elite wr in the league.
    This year the Vikes D is really going to find out if Farve tastes like chicken and to any Charger fans


  10. Re: Nate is 24!!!

    Happy b-day nate!

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