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  1. Vikes need new logo

    Personally u guys may think different but i think the vikes need new designed jerseys and a new logo on their helmets. I mean we've had the same jerseys and the same logo on our helmets for 40 years.

    "SSSMMMOOTTT" & "Toine" will be the best CB combo in the NFL next year TRUST ME!!!

  2. Re: Vikes need new logo

    I'll be the first that the Packers need one, too, but most Packer fans would scream if you mentioned it.

    I don't like the idea much of NFC North teams changing too much. We're too storied and historic of franchises and rivalries to give in to "flavor of the month" uniform/logo changes a la Denver or Seattle or cookie cutter shoulder panel designs like Arizona and Buffalo.

    But I remember when Wisconsin football used to have a very block-letterish "W" on their helmet, and then they revised it to today's modern "motion 'W'" design. I could see both the Packers and Vikings perhaps considering minor changes that would update the Viking horn or the G and make it more modern or streamlined.

    Don't see it happening anytime soon, but it's a thought.
    Have you ever seen a race of turtles, and they all go the wrong way instead of towards the finish line?

    Welcome to the NFC North.

  3. Re: Vikes need new logo

    they just got new helmets. I think all of the latest re-designs are pretty ugly. maybe a black viking.

  4. Re: Vikes need new logo

    thats what makes it so awsome... old school baby!

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    6-KINGS Guest

    Re: Vikes need new logo

    I designed new uni for the Vikes and posted here.

    Very mixed reaction to say the least.


  6. Re: Vikes need new logo

    "TheFloridianVikingFan" wrote:
    thats what makes it so awsome... old school baby!
    Exactly. No need to change.

  7. Re: Vikes need new logo

    Well detroit got new jerseys...and they turned out to be some of the ugliest ones ive ever seen. Part of me likes the idea...Part of me dosnt.... SO much history to our team, logo and jerseys....That to change now....would just be dumb....But then again....It would be cool to see the Vikes rock some new ones...But imma say i rather keep what we got untill we get a new stadium...then we can discuss new jerseys

    Theres NOTHING greater then a Florida Gator!
    "I promise everyone this. When Childress is let go in two years I can honestly say this.
    "I am not surprised"."-PurplePackerEater

  8. Re: Vikes need new logo

    we dont need a new logo we just need to use some different uniform colors 1 or 2 games a year like the yellow or black jerseys,or maybe go all purple

  9. Re: Vikes need new logo

    I would be fine with new jerseys as long as we KEEP THE NORSEMAN and KEEP THE HORN ON THE HELMETS. Then I might think that it would be cool.

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    Re: Vikes need new logo

    Tradition, pride, toughness, norseman!

    What the heck else would we have as a logo? A piece of lefsa or lutafisk?

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