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  1. Robinson Rejects (Good News)

    "Baltimore receiver Marcus Robinson left Winter Park Saturday and returned home to Chicago after rejecting a one-year offer from the Vikings. His visit with the Jets on Monday was canceled because of the Jets' trade for Tennessee receiver Justin McCareins."

    idk if this is a good thing or not, but i dont think we are getting robinson, i think it is a good thing personally, hes old and had 1 good game last year.
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  2. Robinson Rejects (Good News)

    Hes from the Ravens...hes not that good anyway....the Ravens WRs are terrible...besides TO.

  3. Robinson Rejects (Good News)

    His loss...not ours. Ahhhhh buh-bye.

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    Robinson Rejects (Good News)

    We should be looking at Tai Streets anyway!

  5. Robinson Rejects (Good News)

    No loss.
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  6. Robinson Rejects (Good News)

    Robinson has been much more productive than Tai Streets throughout his career and streets has had TO opposite him. I certainly remember Robinson tearing us a new one when he was with the bears and i dont recall streets doing anything this year against us or any other game him might have played.

  7. Robinson Rejects (Good News)

    No loss to us at all.

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  8. Robinson Rejects (Good News)

    the 49ers didnt do much damage last year to anybody. Yes streets was opposite TO, he would be opposite Moss, he is a good #2 but i am still a fan of drafting a WR
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  9. Robinson Rejects (Good News)

    i don't like streets at all. i think he would be another bates here. as far as wide out goes, we should wait till the june 1st cuts
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