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  1. 2005 Season Analysis Game 1

    SInce we all arequite optimistic about the Vikes as the open camp I think its time we take a good look at the regular season and break it down game by game. This way we can all have a good idea what their final record will be and where they would be slotted in the playoffs.

    I'll start us off by looking at Game 1. We open at home against Chucky and the Bucs. Bucs signed the Cadillac today so it will be interesting to see how much of the offense falls on him.

    Okay guys, break down this game. I'll go to the next game after everyone has a chance to weigh in.

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    Re: 2005 Season Analysis Game 1

    Personally if our D plays like it should I don't think they can do anything against us.. And our O should put up enough points to win the game.. Cadillac will be shaky cuz its his first game.. And their passing game wont do so hott either..

    Our O should be ok in week 1.. Not too good.. But good enough to win the game I think.. In week 2 we should pick it up alot

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    I might have a better idea after the Vikes are finished with their preseason games.

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    I think our D will be a little slow in that game but our O will be fine. I think we will win it easily. something like the Cowboys game last year.

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    I hope Derek Brooks gets pancaked by Birk, get's up gets smashed by
    Jimmy K, and gets up again to be finished off by Pep. They can get a spatchula to scrape him off the field. Can't see the Bucks offense as too
    hard to handle. both Griese and Sims are slow footed and might be a real
    confidense builder for our new D as we stuff the run get a lead and force
    them to pass..... O' Yeah,.... scuttle the Buckaneers. Next

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    I think that this game is a great opener and will be a decent measuring stick for the season. TB still has an above average Defense which will challenge the running game and Bennett and show us how he will do(noting though its the first game and he could be a little off) and how some of the new Wr's: Williamson and Taylor do in our schemes vs. a good D. Next we will get to see our amazing D-line shut Cadillac down, and with this shutdown we'll get to see how are new LB's and secondary have gelled and what tp expect from them. I think we will win convicingly but I cant think of a better opener. It will test us just enough to see some of this years potential but not enough to really worry us. Go Vikes 1-0.

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    well i think that our O will do great if not better then last year and let me tell you a reason why. becasuse over the past years our O hs been great and all throughotu training and mini camps it played aganist weak defences. But not this year. throughout mini camp and probably training camp the D was very very improved and won alot of battles aganist our O. so that ionly means 1 thing and thats improvment from an already good O. so thats why i think we will be able to put up points against the bucs and any opponent for that matter. we will win this first game without a doubt

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    Re: 2005 Season Analysis Game 1

    Let's see ....
    First of all, I live here in Tampa now.

    Griese, no matter what people or experts say, is not remotely consistant. No b.s. here, he is good for 3int's in our first game.

    Offensive line: will be the cause of 2int's that Griese throws ... CAUSE THEY ARE HORRIBLE !!!! Plus, will contribute to 4 sacks for the Vikes D.

    Caddy: Rookie, first game. Won't do much and also, see above.

    Vikes offense: Word is, Hovan has a storng possibility of starting. Umm, sounds like fun for the RB's who ever it might be. Quarles and Brooks are ageing. Their secondary is still stought however. But if we go three WR wide and Jimmy blocking for a RB to slash through ... it will be a big rushing game and ave for the WR's.

    Special Teams: about even if you go by last year. Except, the Yuc's are about the only team in the NFL with a worse FG kicker than us.

    Final Score: Vikes 31 Yucs 17 .... mark it down.

    ******** F#@K THE BUC'S !!!!!!!! ********

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