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  1. Pepper Vs Collins???

    Randy Moss says his new quarterback with the Oakland Raiders, Kerry Collins, is better overall than his former quarterback, Daunte Culpepper of the Vikings.

    Moss, traded by the Vikings to the Raiders this spring, said so during an ESPN "SportsCenter' interview.

    "When it comes to athleticism, Daunte has Kerry beat by a large margin," the controversial wide receiver said. "But Kerry has pocket presence and knows how to read defenses. So Kerry has a slight step over Daunte."

    I can see why Moss would think that because of Collins stats vs us but why would he say that and i doubt even he can believe that?
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    Prophet Guest

    Re: Pepper Vs Collins???

    There's no way he believes that, unless Onterrio was giving him some home-schooling. Moss has to suck up to his new QB, regardless of how much of a loser he is. Kerry must be creaming in his shorts just thinking about the receiving corps he has this year. I bet Daunte still puts up better numbers than Kerry though. Collins is a joke.

  3. Re: Pepper Vs Collins???

    he's a bitter man. He doesn't beleive that. Moss is still mad over the trade and the fact DC hasn't called him. But like Daunte said "my phone number hasn't changed, I haven't head from him either". There's not a GM in the NFL or WR that would take Collins over Culpepper. It's a a non issue. Hell if you threw the entire NFL into a draft pool and started from scratch, Culpepper would be one of the top 5 players taken. Moss is just trying to stir the pot. Once the Raiders start out 3-7 Moss will be whinning, complaining and walking off the field early and taking plays off.

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Pepper Vs Collins???

    Maybe he knows something we don't.

    Maybe all he was trying to say that when it comes to the fundementals of a traditional pocket passer Kerry has Pepper beat, I would have to agree with that. For one Culpepper never really stays in the pocket lol. A lot of times he is rolling out even when the pressure isn't there.

    Also it could be argued that Collins has a more accurate deep ball. Overall -all around I would go with Pepper, but I am sure there are things Kerry Collins can do better then Pepper.

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    Re: Pepper Vs Collins???

    I think if you'd ask around the league, 99% of the recievers would say they'd rather play with Daunte than Collins.

  6. Re: Pepper Vs Collins???

    Man he must have caught some second-hand smoke from Onterrio or something? I can also see how he wants to pump up his new QB, because Collins has a huge arm but it is not always accurate.
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  7. Re: Pepper Vs Collins???

    Once again Moss opens his mouth and shows everyone how tactfull and intelligent he is. :lol: Gimmie a break.
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  8. Re: Pepper Vs Collins???

    Did you guys read the article where it talks about Culpepper's numbers being better when he had a veteran back-up quarterback talking in his ear during the game? I cannot find it anymore (I looked), but Daunte's numbers are so up and down...and the patterns fit. It scared me, but it seemed to have, maybe Moss was being honest. It's probably a difficult question for him to answer...I think complimenting both guys was the best he could have done given the situation.

  9. Re: Pepper Vs Collins???

    Only thing Collins has over Culpepper is air strength and experence. I heard Collins has more arm strength than Culpepper on NFL Total Access after he got traded.

  10. Re: Pepper Vs Collins???

    Prophet-unless Onterrio was giving him some home-schooling.-lmao! Hes just kissin Collin's Ass. The first thing I thought about with moss goin to OAkland was...who the hell is gonna throw the ball..kerry collins you say? wow hes good hes only been on like 234234234 other teams, that must mean hes good right? I mean damn culpepper must suck, he signed a huge contract, and hes only been on one team, hes not as good as KERRY!! listen my QB skills sh1t all over kerry collins, just listen to the name "kerry collins" . Im so angered bye this statement, seriously, throwing stats out the window, just look how both perform....exactly...brad johnson and kerry collins are on the same level, thats more like it.

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