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    What do u hate about Metrodome?

    Mr. Cheer or Die posted this list of things he hates about the Metrodome.....just thought I'd ask the locals their thoughts....

    1) The blast of air that pushes you out of the stadium after games. I just had to get that out of the way right off the bat as it is the most obvious.

    2) The urinal troughs. I don't care how bad I have to go, the minute I see 15 guys lined up at the trough I suddenly don't have to go as bad. In fact, I could stand there for an hour and never get out a drop. When they tear down the Dome I am actually considering trying to get a hold of a trough and setting it up in my basement bathroom just to freak people out who come over. You can't put a price on that kind of entertainment.

    3) The Baggie. Really, there should be no need to explain it, but that baggie is, for better or worse, the signature aspect of our baseball field. Minute Maid Park has the hill in CF, we have the Baggie. Bank One Ballpark has the hot tubs, we have the Baggie. It is truly disgusting, but I know we will look back on this and laugh.

    4) The Field Fare concession stands. I can imagine this conversation took place during the planning for the Dome. Planner One: "I know! Let's make really narrow concourses, far too few concession stands, and then let's staff those stands with volunteers who have never worked there before!!" Planner Two: "We shall dub these stands "Field Fare" and people will love them (even though they will stand in line for an hour just to get a hot dog)."

    5) The cup-holders built into the seats. Have you ever noticed that the rows at the Metrodome have 2 fewer cup-holders than is necessary if everyone has a drink? My son and I got two drinks while at the game Friday night. We were sitting in seats 1 and 2 in our row, and someone was already sitting in seat 3 when we got there. He was already using the cup-holder in front of him. My son put his cup in the holder in front of him. This, of course, left me with no cup-holder. Who is the genius that came up with this strategy?

    6) The speakers. Have you ever looked up at the speakers over the field? They are enormous. I can't believe that the teflon dome can hold these monsters up. Scary when you think about it.

    7) The curtain. What other stadium needs a huge curtain to cover up the mass of unused seats every game? How long before we need a curtain at the new stadium? Five years? Never? Hopefully we'll get a chance to find out.

    8) The sight lines. This is my view of the game from the third base line if I look straight ahead. Like I said on this picture, absolutely pathetic. I make it a point to never sit on the 3rd base line because of how sick I get of turning my head to the right. After nine innings it literally gets painful.

    9) The roof. I know I've already said that "I don't need no stinking roof" but it was cold Friday night. I was happy to have a roof over my head and a comfortable temperature of 72 degrees to enjoy the game in. I guarantee there won't be a person alive in Minnesota that won't miss that roof at some point.

    10) The football press box area. Also known as the Cambria Sky Box. I think it is hilarious that parties are held in this press area every game. I wonder if the Vikings get the money for selling out this area too.

    11) The Astroturf. This is something I already miss and look back on with nostalgia. That old field was horrible. I think Keith Millard once said it was like playing a game out on 494. Do you remember how during the last season on this surface they painted it with faint, white stripes to give it that "just mowed" appearance? Wow. How ridiculous.

    12) The noise. A new stadium for either the Twins or the Vikings will never be able to duplicate the ear splitting noise I have experienced in the Dome. Noise so loud it disorients you for two days after the game. That is what I call home field advantage.

    13) Lastly, I'll always remember the first time I walked into the majestic Metrodome and how, as a child, I was just stunned by the enormity of it all. It blew me away how big the place was, and how it was all enclosed in a single "room." I fell in love with the place immediately. I'm sure most of you had a similar reaction.

    I haven't been there in a while, but I do remember the air blasts coming in and out, I thought they were cool when I was a kid watching Vikes games in the late eighties!


  2. Re: What do u hate about Metrodome?

    I think he covered all of them. We need to get rid of that place.

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    Re: What do u hate about Metrodome?

    We need an attractive stadium, preferably outdoor.

  4. Re: What do u hate about Metrodome?

    The things I hate about the Metrodome. I dont live closer to it. And havent been to a game there.

  5. Re: What do u hate about Metrodome?

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    We need an attractive stadium, preferably outdoor.
    Outdoor would be the best, but I dont think it will happen.

  6. Re: What do u hate about Metrodome?

    With an outdoor stadium, the team would lose TONS of revenue because it wouldn't be used for anything else in the winter. Since we aren't a rich team, we need this kind of revenue.

    Thanks PPE for the sig.

  7. Re: What do u hate about Metrodome?

    Yes an outdoors stadium! Half the teams will forfeit ratter then play in December when its minis -10 and snowing.

  8. Re: What do u hate about Metrodome?

    The best thing about the Metrodome is the noise. The games where the stadium is literally rocking from the noise. It is the best stadium in the country and I have been to like the New Solider Field and Heinz Field and they just dont have the atmosphere that the Metrodome has.

    Thank you Josdin for the sig

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    Re: What do u hate about Metrodome?

    i have no problem with the dome at all. I love it.

  10. Re: What do u hate about Metrodome?

    I love the metrodome! Ive only been there twice but when I went both times I was stunned and amazed at its size and just the fact that I was at a vikings game. The NOISE was definetley my favourite part the second time I went. It was the first VIkings Lions game of the 2004 season and the second half until the end of the game everyone eas screaming as loud as they could and Harrington wasted like 2 timeouts because of it. It was definetley one of the best experiences of my LIFE!

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