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  1. Onterrio is back!

    Hey guys i heard onterrio is back, and i guess looney said that he was quiet and looked focused. Lets hope he stops focusing on the hash and more on football! I really like this guy but he needs to think straight!

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    Re: Onterrio is back!

    yeah i agree, he is probably the best back we have.

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    Re: Onterrio is back!

    It must be hard showing up to work every day with all those mics in your face! I can't hate on Onterrio...he had a face weiner (a white one at that) in his bag with dried wouldn't of helped him (league rules require the players to strip!) so really, he is about as guilty as 15% of women in America (a poll found that 15% of women in America admitted to owning a dildo). Honestly, Green beating his wife=no problem, Harris beating a stripper=no problem (both have barely any media coverage).....Smith carrying a fake P.P.=HUGE CATASTROPHY!!!! I guess I learned a little something about media bias in the last few days...(oh wait, Favre has been portrayed like a saint ever since he got in the league....even though he O.D.s on pain killers! What a hero (sarcasm).


  4. Re: Onterrio is back!

    He didnt show up to practice on Tuesday. (Mario Manningham)

  5. Re: Onterrio is back!

    haha i like that have a good point becuse if you are onterrio smith and you already known for using drugs, the last thing you are gonna want to be seen on you is something to stop the drug test coming back a negitive. And about that causin excuse, cut the crap and just lay off the dope. if you want it more than football, where you make millions of dollors than go for it, ill trade you spots onterrio! I do really like onterrio because he is a great running back, but you cant keep doin this, because sooner and later you arnt gonna be respected at all!

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    Re: Onterrio is back!

    "fred3105" wrote:
    He didnt show up to practice on Tuesday.
    I love the little smiley face guy on your sig! Go Wolverines!

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    Re: Onterrio is back!

    Well, which is it?

    The member who started the thread reported he did. Got a link?

  8. Re: Onterrio is back!

    Theres my story. (Mario Manningham)

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    Re: Onterrio is back!

    Q: Was it good to have Onterrio (Smith) back?
    A: Yeah. He's in there and I know it's a tough time for him but he's remained focused in our meetings and in practice. He had a nice run. He has to fight through whatever personal challenges he has.

    that is what steve loney said about him today. Onterrio missed tuesday, but he was there monday. all cottrell would say is that onterrio was gone for personal reasons.

  10. Re: Onterrio is back!

    He missed practice on Tuesday for personal reasons (but the team claimed that it was pre-planned) but he returned today.

    Thanks PPE for the sig.

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