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    Re: Early Power Rankings

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "aceclown" wrote:
    "DarrinNelsonguy" wrote:
    We will be one of the best teams in the NFL next year, with our rebuilt D>
    Thank you captain obvious. You really went out on limb making that bold statement.
    Don't be a dink!
    Yeah dude, have a little more respect. I know it wasn't malicious, but look at the post # before you make fun of someone. 39 to 509 is quite a difference! He's allowed to make obvious comments if he wants, maybe he was just reiterating a point, don't be sarcastic.

  2. Re: Early Power Rankings

    Aww, you guys are so sweet.
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    Re: Early Power Rankings

    "RandyMoss8404" wrote:
    Aww, you guys are so sweet.

  4. Re: Early Power Rankings

    I like the original 6 picks. The Ravens could be in the SuperBowl ...easily. They have the 2nd best D in the league behing Pitts. and one of the top 3 RB's in the league when he's healthy. They just added a WR that is in the top 10 for the last 4 years, that now complimnts in my opnion one of the best TE's in the game. They are a great team this year, all Boller has to do is not lose games, he doesnt even have to wn them just not be stupid and they are in the Big Game. That is why they are #3 and could possibly be #2.

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    "ltrey33" wrote:
    4) Atlanta- I think Vick is overrated as a QB but he carries the Falcons, and in that division, as long as Ron Mexico doesn't get hurt, they'll have a cake walk to the division title.
    I disagree, I think the NFC south will be a lot more competitive than that. Gruden's found another one of his journeyman QB's that he seems to ressurect, the D is good, they got a feature back in the draft in Caddy, and Clayton was a great WR for them last year. The Saints have the talent to actually play, and if they get some sort of chemistry could be nasty. I think Carolina will win the division though; the only reason they didn't make the playoffs last year was the crazy rash of injuries they sustained, in my opinion. Their defense will be incredible (especially the secondary with the signing of Lucas), the offense will be full tilt with Smith and Colbeart, and I think Shelton can step up and be their big, bruising featured back.
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    you'd expect the nfc south to be more competitive, but you cannot go past the falcons. new orleans sure have potential, but whether aaron brooks can harness that into consistent performances is another thing. the offense is dangerous, but the defense is puss! carolina must be the big improver w/ a fit squad, return of clutch man steve smith & upgrades on defense (highlighted by wahle who will aid delhomme's return to form). tampa remain short of class, but griese has shown he can make things happen. the defense is undeniably potent. atlanta continues to defy prediction; still have no wideouts (or a QB who could hit them anyway!) but w/ a settled defense (boosted by hartwell) & the same powerful running game, the falcons may just have the edge over an improved carolina.

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    Vick might be over-rated but that defense is not. They will be deep in the playoffs again this year. Maybe against the vikes in the nfc championship

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    When they get to the NFC championship and face us...... Cowart will send a physical message telling him he better not scramble again, Sharper will tackle anything with their jersey on that moves, AW and Smoot will intercept any ball thrown their way, and all of our D line with crush Duckett and Dunn into 2 pieces.

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    Re: Early Power Rankings

    Atlanta has anything but a cakewalk this year. Not so much because of the Saints, but beecause of the Panthers. The only thinf that kept that team from being great last year were their abundance of injuries. If they stay healthy, the Panthers are my pick to win that division.
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    Re: Early Power Rankings

    Hey all. I wanted to put my 2 cents in as far as our team here. I'm not going to judge who's best and who's not. However, if we all remember last year Nate Burleson did just fine when Moss was hurt as the #1 receiver. I have total confidence in him. I think we averaged close to 30 points a game without Moss last year. All of the other receivers are quite adequate for the #2 spot so you can relaistically say we have 4 #2 receivers right now. Our problem on "O" is with the running back situation. We have several guys that can be #1. The problem is that person has to be chosen and told he's #1. None of this tryout crap during the season. If you look at our winning percentage with Michael Bennett it's horrible. I really want to like him but he hasn't done anything to impress me (except for 3 straight games of runs of 60+ yards). They were like his only good 3 runs of his career except the Packer game toward the end of last season (he did a great job that day). He's too inconsistent. I think the job should be Onterrio's until he gives a reason not to be #1. On "D" we were what 28th last year. Things can't really be worse. If they can even be in the top 14 or 15, I think we have a great chance this year of going further in the playoffs. Imagine us "only" having to score about 22 or 23 points a game to win. It can be done with what we know about the team already. Remember that even though Williamson isn't proven yet, teams still have to cover him. Just like Moss the threat is always there.

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