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Thread: STAR WARS!!!

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    Yoda, Palpetine,

    (moans of pleasure)

    I'm sick with ecstacy!!!!
    I may be an a$$, but at least I m a smart one

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    don't judge me!
    I may be an a$$, but at least I m a smart one

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    [size=11px]FUCKING AWESOME. [/size]

    Only EMPIRE is better out of the 6, IMO. This one lives up to all the hype. Hell, even the acting was better. Hayden Christenson deserves mad props for Anakin this time around.

    I'll write more tomorrow, as I'm sure we all will. But know's worth every penny.

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: STAR WARS!!!

    There's going to be an extra scene included in the DVD release of EMPIRE STRIKES BACK coming up next year! Basically, it expands on the scene where Vader reveals his fatherhood to Luke, and ties up some loose ends created with the release of Episode 1 & 2...

    The Empire Strikes Back: Extra-Special Edition


    A furious lightsaber duel is underway. DARTH VADER is backing LUKE SKYWALKER towards the end of the gantry. A quick move by Vader, chops off Luke's hand! It goes spinning off into the ventilation shaft. Luke backs away. He looks around, but realizes there's nowhere to go but straight down.

    Darth Vader: Obi Wan never told you what happened to your father.

    Luke: He told me enough! He told me you killed him!

    Darth Vader: No... I am your father!

    Luke: No, it's not true! It's impossible.

    Darth Vader: Search your feelings... you know it to be true...

    Luke: NO!

    Darth Vader: Yes, it is true... and you know what else? You know that brass droid of yours?

    Luke: Threepio?

    Darth Vader: Yes... Threepio... I built him... when I was 7 years old...

    Luke: No...

    Darth Vader: Seven years old! And what have you done? Look at yourself, no hand, no job, and couldn't even levitate your own ship out of the swamp...

    Luke: I destroyed your precious Death Star!

    Darth Vader: When you were 20! When I was 10, I single-handedly destroyed a Trade Federation Droid Control ship!

    Luke: Well, it's not my fault...

    Darth Vader: Oh, here we go... "Poor me... my father never gave me what I wanted for my birthday... boo hoo, my daddy's the Dark Lord of the Sith...waahhh wahhh!"

    Luke: Shut up...

    Darth Vader: You're a slacker! By the time I was your age, I had exterminated the Jedi knights!

    Luke: I used to race my T-16 through Beggar's Canyon.

    Darth Vader: Oh, for the love of the Emperor... 10 years old, winner of the Boonta Eve Open... Only human to ever fly a Pod Racer... right here, baby!

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    Good movie, but terrible acting and writing.

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    lets see boys , i was a young man when the original came out, i went and seen it 10 times, i just came back from seeing this one , lets say i wouldnt pay again to see it, the acting was horrific, i think the writers could have stayed on one subject a little longer instead of jumping around so much, By the way star wars is still one of the best series ever written, it went down hill after the first movie

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    Re: STAR WARS!!!

    Wow, you really think so? I didn't think it was bad at all. There was a lot jammed in to 2 1/2 hours, and explanation of the plot was sacrificed because of it...but I thought it was awesome nonetheless.

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    I cant believe some of you guys went to go see it the first day. Im a big star wars fan but i dont think i would see the movie day one. Just too much of crowd there.

    So how many of you were dressed up to see it and waited a week at the theater to be the first ones to see it? :grin:
    Hupo oe ke kau ana i ka waiupa a ma kou pa o & Hupo na Po o waiupa a

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    Re: STAR WARS!!!

    I just got back, no crowds at all.

    I thought it was awesome. I saw 5 of the 6 in the theatre (all except for IV).

    Anything they do is fricken killer! They could stand around and stare at the wall; I would still go! :lol:

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    I got 19 out of 20. Missed the length of digestion question. Although 2 or 3 were lucky gueses.

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