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    I will be honest with you guys...the chances of the Vikes losing to the Cards are pretty slim. And, there's a good shot that the Pack won't make the playoffs at all. But I got a lot of satisfaction out of this year. We beat Mike Holmgren this year. We beat the hated Bucs and Warren Sapp this year. We made Moss quit and shut out Hovan this year (well, once anyway). And last night, quite honestly, was one of the most inspirational games to watch as a Packer fan.

    I can live with that this year. I'd love to make the playoffs, too, but we've had some real good highs this year. Good luck. I'm picking up Ontarrio Smith for the championship in my fantasy league next week, so he better do well! :-)
    Have you ever seen a race of turtles, and they all go the wrong way instead of towards the finish line?

    Welcome to the NFC North.

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