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  1. Who's in #1? vikings or packers.....

    According to the nfl network, the packers are in first place and the
    vikings are in second. They had the nfc playoff teams listed in
    order from 1-6; the packers were 4 and the vikings were 6. Is this

    Also, whatever happened to this richard angulo 6-8 te the vikings
    signed before the rams game? Is he still on the team or the practice

    All due respect to Eddie Johnson who was cut yesterday, the hit he
    took after the bothced punt should've been flagged for a helmet to
    helmet hit. He was clearly hit helmet to helmet.

  2. Who's in #1? vikings or packers.....

  3. #3

    Who's in #1? vikings or packers.....

    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

  4. Who's in #1? vikings or packers.....

    3 Straight Division Champs

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