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  1. was it a good idea?

    to trade #7

  2. was it a good idea?

    I think it would be a bad idea bcuz we need to draft a really good WR with it, so I say we draft a very good WR with the 7th pick.

  3. was it a good idea?

    trade the number 7 overall im very confused here when did they trade the number 7 over all pic
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  4. was it a good idea?

    i think its asking if we SHOULD trade our 7th pick.

  5. #5

    was it a good idea?

    Whew... scared me there for a second. :shock:

  6. was it a good idea?

    Yeah, don't put it in past tense! You will scare everyone who first reads the title of the post.

    It really just depends on the conditions of the trade. If we get a good deal, then I would vote "yes. If the deal was bad, then I would vote "no".

    I don't see how you expect people to vote one way or the other without knowing what you are trading the #7 pick for.
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  7. was it a good idea?

    No, not a good idea. Keep it and we should be able to get B.Edwards or M. Williams. Both of those guys remind me of roy williams of detroit.

  8. was it a good idea?

    i think he was saying that the idea that was brought up awhile ago to trade our 7th would be good or bad. i think thats why it was in past tense.

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