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  1. Our deep RB pool...

    It's no secret got some talented RB's and if we end up not trading any of them, then we've got a problem. Our desire to go with a feature back would mean we'll have 2 good RB's sitting on the bench.

    After seeing Brian Westbrook eat us alive in the playoffs, I'm wondering why don't we use Bennett/Moore in the same way? We could line them up in 4 or 5 receiver sets, or use them for screen plays. They've got the speed to go deep and have decent hands, not to mention their great running skills. Smith could then concentrate on running the ball (that's assuming he wins the starting job!).

    My point is, let's use what we have!

  2. Our deep RB pool...

    Finally someone that sees our RB the same as I do. :salute:

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    Our deep RB pool...

    Westbrook is just a freak, he runs great routes which is something RB's arn't perfect at. Its hard to say who should be the feature back, i might be willing to give bennett another shot, but i think Onterrio may be the most durable and best runner. Mewelde is also very good but i worry about his toughness and durability. It should pan itself out but i would definitly like to see ONE guy that takes the 16 to 25 carries a game. I think Bennett can do it, he knows the offense, it may change some but he's familair with his surrounding, his pass catching and pass blocking have improved imensly. The only real knock on him is the concern about his natural running. If you look at bennetts injuries there more like freak accidents, aside from his sprained ankle his rookie season, the treadmill thing and helmet he took to the knee. Weather or not he can be the real deal is to be seen but he is the only guy on the team that has had a 1000 yard season on the ground.

  4. Our deep RB pool...

    Robert Smith also was a track guy who was injured a lot early in his career.

  5. Our deep RB pool...

    The Vikes need to trade one of the backs


    "If loving the Vikings is wrong, I dont wannabe right"

  6. Our deep RB pool...

    I dont think they need to trade anyone but it might help the team more if they did trade one of them.

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    Our deep RB pool...

    "finnishvikingsfan" wrote:
    I dont think they need to trade anyone but it might help the team more if they did trade one of them.
    I remember last year when it was said we had to trade one of the three and then all got hurt and we found out who Mewelde is. I think that having all four does not hurt us that bad. I think Moe is basically moot with this group and should not see the field barring injuries. I think that it would not be bad to trade either Bennett or Smith, but it really depends on what we got in return.

  8. Our deep RB pool...

    I think Moe would be a good short yardage back.

  9. Our deep RB pool...

    with the draft as deep as it is at rb , high dollar free agents aren't getting much of a look . i say trade that cripple bennett for a 9th rounder!!!!!!!!!

  10. Our deep RB pool...

    we dont need to trade Bennett. I wouldnt trade him for a draft pick I want a player that can help out right away. althought I would like to see the vikings get Marion Barber.

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