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  1. Withdrawals...

    it means that he coined the phrase

  2. Withdrawals...

    You lucked out with those finnish woman dude! :salute:

  3. Withdrawals...

    Mikko will have a huge year whenever the nhl comes back in the AHL he played in the all star game and scored a goal.

  4. Withdrawals...

    thats a great idea. I am gonna tape all the game too. Does anyone know how to record the games on dvd?

  5. Withdrawals...

    "pillageNplunderthunder" wrote:
    "WBLVikeBabe" wrote:
    "finnishvikingsfan" wrote:
    I am lost without hockey too. I usually only watch football and hockey now it is just football. I live in the area of Minnesota where Hockey is above mostly everything. College Hockey is a life saver.

    I'm with ya on that one, thank God for the Gophs. They're starting to step it up now after two sweeps in a row, Go Gophs!!!!

    Go GOPHERS!!!! :cheers:

    Anyone watching the game tonight?

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