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Thread: Withdrawals...

  1. Withdrawals...

    I think I have one vikings game on tape and they lost to Shaun King and the Bucs on Monday night football.

  2. Withdrawals...

    What about Arena League?

    Sunday's game was GREAT!!

    It's not the NFL, but there is a lot of scoring.

    Maybe we could sign a kicker from there. The goal posts are narrower, taller and they still make it a good percentage of the time.....
    It aint the years honey, it s the mileage..

  3. Withdrawals...

    If I have to I would watch the CFL. The arena leauge is pretty enjoyable to watch.

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    i play madden.. good dose of football there.. and arena f-ball is ok.. nfl network rox and daily dose of sportcenter that how i deal with all this.. and of course the best of them all PP.O!

  5. Withdrawals...

    I really need to get cable. I basically watch Rudy to get me through it sometimes.

  6. Withdrawals...

    "whackthepack" wrote:
    We do not get the NFL network! The sad part is I live in Eden Prairie, the home of the Vikings!
    I didn't know that you lived in Eden Prairie... did you want to meet us on the 29th for a beer or two at Old Chicago??

  7. Withdrawals...

    "finnishvikingsfan" wrote:
    I am lost without hockey too. I usually only watch football and hockey now it is just football. I live in the area of Minnesota where Hockey is above mostly everything. College Hockey is a life saver.

    I'm with ya on that one, thank God for the Gophs. They're starting to step it up now after two sweeps in a row, Go Gophs!!!!

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  8. Withdrawals...

    Big game coming up against the best team in the country.

  9. Withdrawals... can't go a night without SportsCenter???

    *sigh* Some lucky guy, someday.....
    Have you ever seen a race of turtles, and they all go the wrong way instead of towards the finish line?

    Welcome to the NFC North.

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    "LosAngelis" wrote: can't go a night without SportsCenter???

    *sigh* Some lucky guy, someday.....
    TNT: Do you have any friends that your Viking faith or Sportscenter watching attitude has rubbed off on? I really need a new wife! :lol:

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