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  1. Derrick Johnson falls to 11th pick maybe???

    Here's our first crack at predicting/speculating/guessing the manner in which the names will come off of the board on April 23 at the Javits Center in New York. These projections are based on current rosters, and will change based on free-agent signings and trades that could occur between now and draft day. Obviously, one wrong pick can screw up the rest of the round, so take this for what it's worth (i.e., not much).

    With that said, this list and all revisions are based in part on the input of NFL scouts and other insiders who have given the list a look-see.

    1. 49ers: Braylon Edwards, WR, Michigan.

    With the Raiders reeling in Randy Moss, the 49ers need a marquee wideout to steal some of the local headlines, and to help revive a passing game that struggled mightily without Terrell Owens in 2004. Many think that the Niners will take a quarterback like Cal's Aaron Rodgers, but they arguably could trade down and still snare either Rodgers or Utah's Alex Smith.

    Besides, we're not big fans of drafting quarterbacks high in the first round. Plenty of capable signal-callers can be found for a less significant financial investment, either on the free-agent market (Brian Griese), in the lower reaches of the draft (Tom Brady), or already on the roster (Drew Brees).

    2. Dolphins: Ronnie Brown, RB, Auburn.

    New Miami coach Nick Saban has many needs, and his interests will be better served by snagging a proven tailback than by fishing for a quarterback who at most will be the second best pass-thrower that the franchise has seen in the last 20 years. The locals need to forget about Ricky Williams, and what better way to do it than to bring in a guy who has both the size and the speed to help kick-start the offense?

    3. Browns: Pac-Man Jones, CB, West Virginia.

    With eight-figure bonuses being thrown at cover men who haven't done much to earn it, why not throw a lasso around a youngster with the skills to thrive in the new "no-touchy" passing game? If Jones can run a 4.4 or better at his March 11 Pro Day workout, new G.M. Phil Savage won't be able to resist picking up a bookend for newcomer Gary Baxter.

    4. Bears: Cedric Benson, RB, Texas.

    Whether it's Brown or Benson or Cadillac Williams, the Bears will take the best available running back in the four hole.

    5. Bucs: Mike Williams, WR, USC.

    The cap-strapped franchise needs receivers, but can't presently afford any veteran free agents. So look for them to turn to Tampa native Williams, whose size provides a nice complement to 2004 rookie phenom Michael Clayton.

    6. Titans: Aaron Rodgers, QB Cal.

    As Rodgers falls through the first five pick, new offensive coordinator Norm Chow will be lobbying hard to land the guy who can replace Steve McNair. If Rodgers is gone, tackle Alex Barron could get the nod.

    7. Vikings: Troy Williamson, WR, South Carolina.

    Under this scenario, the Vikings might be tempted to trade down with a team that wants Alex Smith. If they stay up (and if they don't sign Plaxico Burress), Williamson is the guy.

    8. Cardinals: Alex Smith, QB, Utah.

    A no-brainer, even with Kurt Warner in the fold. We wonder what Kurt will think of playing mentor to a first-round rookie for two years in a row?

    9. Redskins: Antrell Rolle, CB, Miami.

    The 'Skins pick up another playmaker from the "U" in the defensive secondary, if Fred Smoot ends up heading elsewhere.

    10. Lions: Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin.

    The Lions could go in several different directions with this one, but the pick in the end will be undoubtedly aimed at shoring up the defense.

    11. Cowboys: Derrick Johnson, OLB, Texas.

    The 'Boys make a popular choice by looking to the Longhorns for some help on defense, and a replacement for Dexter Coakley.

    12. Chargers: Dan Cody, DE, Oklahoma.

    The Bolts will have plenty of options at the twelve spot as they look for a defensive end. We're purely guessing at this point that they'll take Cody.

    13. Texans: Alex Barron, OT, Florida State.

    They've got the quarterback, the runners, the receivers, and the defense. The only thing keeping the Texans from challenging the Colts is a solid and consistent O-line.

    14. Panthers: Cadillac Williams, RB, Auburn.

    Barring someone trading up as Williams falls through an array of teams without a need at the position, the Panthers likely won't be able to resist stocking an area where they need a durable, reliable option.

    15. Chiefs: Marcus Spears, DE, LSU.

    Assuming that the Chiefs can land two defensive backs and one linebacker in free agency, they'll try to address the Vonnie Holliday mistake by drafting a d-end.

    16. Saints: Thomas Davis, S/LB, Georgia.

    Davis could replace Tebucky Jones or move down to the linebacker position for the Saints.

    17. Bengals: Heath Miller, TE, Virginia.

    Conventional wisdom is that the Bengals will take defensive tackle Travis Johnson of Florida State. But with Peter Warrick in the last year of his deal and all of the other pieces in place on offense, the Bengals could throw a curve ball here with Miller, who can take advantage of the seam routes that will be there as the passing game matures under Carson Palmer and as the running game continues to move the chains.

    18. Vikings: David Pollock, DE, Georgia.

    Pollock rounds out the neo-Purple People Eaters, a wall of beef that will do more for the team's won-loss record than all of the field-stretching that Randy Moss ever did.

    19. Rams: Jammal Brown, OT, Okalahoma.

    The big guy from Oklahoma permits the Rams to jettison Joe Davola.

    20. Cowboys: Shawne Merriman, DE, Maryland.

    Some mocks have Merriman going at 11 to the 'Boys, but under this scenario he's still there at 20, and they'll pounce if he is.

    21. Jaguars: Fabian Washington, CB, Nebraska.

    With Reggie Howard bolstering the defensive line and plenty of linebackers available later in the draft, the Jags pick up a speedster who'll be able to chase around guys like Marvin Harrison and Andre Johnson.

    22. Ravens: Carlos Rogers, CB, Auburn.

    Baltimore needs a replacement for Gary Baxter.

    23. Seahawks: Shaun Cody, DT/DE, USC.

    The 'Hawks likely will need a body to take the place of Chike Okeafor; they also might go d-back, if they can't find someone on the free-agent market to replace Ken Lucas.

    24. Packers: Brodney Pool, S, Oklahoma.

    With virtually all of the team's defensive backs getting shown the door, it's time for Ted Thompson to replenish.

    25. Broncos: Demarcus Ware, DE/OLB, Troy.

    Ware's presence helps the Broncos adjust to the Colt-killing (they hope) 3-4 defense.

    26. Jets: Travis Johnson, DT, Florida State.

    Johnson is a big body to replace Jason Ferguson, who bolted for Dallas on March 2.

    27. Falcons: Barrett Ruud, LB Nebraska.

    The Falcons reach a bit for need. It's not a bad position to be in, since the roster is otherwise solid.

    28. Chargers: Mark Clayton, WR, Oklahoma.

    The Bolts add another weapon for Drew Brees. Or Philip Rivers. Or Drew Brees.

    29. Colts: Channing Crowder, MLB, Florida.

    Defense continues to be the focal point for the Colts, who can score with the best of them . . . but can't always outscore them.

    30. Steelers: Marlin Jackson, CB, Michigan.

    The Steelers address a chronic position of need with a guy who has climbed up the board with a solid Combine performance.

    31. Eagles: Roddy White, WR, UAB.

    Terrell Owens helped the Eagles get to the Super Bowl, but they need more help at the position if they're ever going to win it.

    32. Patriots: Roscoe Parrish, WR, Miami.

    A solid workout at the "U" Pro Day nudges Parrish into position to be the heir to Troy Brown.

  2. Derrick Johnson falls to 11th pick maybe???

    found this moch draft at...

  3. Derrick Johnson falls to 11th pick maybe???

    i would be sooo upset if we drafted williamson at #7, that would HORRIBLE. I dont think the vikings could be that dumb..... wait....

  4. Derrick Johnson falls to 11th pick maybe???

    NO way we get troy williamson w/ our 7th pick. i do like the david pollack pick though.

  5. Derrick Johnson falls to 11th pick maybe???

    yea i agree too... i dont wont williamson there either... get DJ!!! and with our 18th get mark clayton or something...

  6. Derrick Johnson falls to 11th pick maybe???

    williamson at 7 would be terrible.

  7. Derrick Johnson falls to 11th pick maybe???

    That might be the worst mock draft ever!!!!!!!!

    Rodgers is a done deal to 49'ers pending a propsed deal. Johnson is going to Miami. I still thing the Dolphins are going to get either James, or Green. So then DJ is there guy. Also I like the fact the Bears might trade there pick, and just get Edwards in the Tennessee spot. Arizona will get Benson if they do trade up, or just stick with Rolle if they get Alexander or they might go Rolle, and then get Fason late 1st with the trade or steal Clarett in the 3rd.

  8. Derrick Johnson falls to 11th pick maybe???

    "PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:
    williamson at 7 would be terrible.

  9. Derrick Johnson falls to 11th pick maybe???

    "That might be the woste mock draft ever!!!!!!!" -KFANreporter -that was the single most intelligent thing I've seen you write.

  10. Derrick Johnson falls to 11th pick maybe???

    WTF...... This guy is not a great football mind and is smoking dope!

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