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    next year (coaching wise)

    I didn't see a topic about this while reading the latest threads, so here goes. After the 05' season, which great coach (because of cap casualties [having to cut players to get under the cap] or any other reason), will be let go? Which one of them would you like to see leading the purple and gold into the 06' season? In a purple world, I would love to have Herm Edwards as our coach. I just like this guy. I think he has the gift to coach, and lead/motivate players like no other.

    p.s. PLEASE do not say "bring back Ditka"!

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    next year (coaching wise)

    I don't know for sure, but I don't think I have ever seen a coach be a "CAP CASULATY" since they do not count against the overall salary cap ... but I would love to see Herm Edwards also, he is by far my favorite coach in the NFL, but for now, I am hoping that Tice does well enough for us not to have this conversation.

  3. next year (coaching wise)

    There is no salary cap for coaches.

  4. next year (coaching wise)

    Coaches don't count against the salary cap.

  5. next year (coaching wise)

    uugghh...can't stand Herman Edwards. He would be my last choice. That dude bugs...

    But...until the day comes, I'll back Tice until he's gone.
    Even babies know the difference.

  6. next year (coaching wise)

    i said we should've gotten urban meyer. haha

  7. next year (coaching wise)

    Herm Edwards is a quality coach in my book. I was watching dehind the glory on him and the way he talked to his players was just........I dont know, but there was something about it. For example, on Thanksgiving he had his players in their training room and he was teaching them what it actually meant. Thats where I learned that there was 44 pilgrims during the first celebration.

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    next year (coaching wise)

    Sorry! I should have clarified more. I'm not an idiot. I know that a coache's salary does not count against the cap. What I meant to say, was which coach will be let go because of a terrible season due to cutting players resulting from having to get under the cap space? I also will back Tice until it is time to go. However, like coreyd said, when Edwards talks.....there's something that just makes you listen to him.

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    next year (coaching wise)

    I also like Herm Edwards, but what makes anyone think he will be leaving the Jets?....

    He is the type of coach, that is hard to replace....Plus, being from the New York area (Connecticut here), I read alot of NY Sporting news,and enjoy listening to TheFan while driving.....The Jets fans and New Yorkers seem to love Edwards....I don't think they would let him go that easily........


  10. next year (coaching wise)

    "coreyd" wrote:
    Herm Edwards is a quality coach in my book. I was watching behind the glory on him and the way he talked to his players was just.........


    Actually, I think the guy is an OK coach, probably a stand-up guy with good character and all that stuff...

    But, I have also heard he is a hot-headed megalomaniac who likes to fire those around him at the drop of a hat. IMO, the Jets will never get to the big game with "Herm" at the helm.

    It would be nice to have someone in between two guys like Tice and Edwards. Not so much of a players coach but also not so much of an authoritarian hardass.

    Maybe if USC wins another championship ol' Pete Carroll will enter the NFL again.
    Even babies know the difference.

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