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    eagles fans

    After reading this article I remember several posts on this forum about how Eagles fans are some of the rudest fans in the NFL. People reporting their cars being keyed if they had a bumper sticker supporting their team. Things being thrown at them in the stands and being threatened as they left the stadium, especially if the Eagles lost. I know some posted they would never attend a game in Philly again because of this. In the article Shumer says that their fans are "passionate". I think that is PC for assholes.


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    There is no way the NFL can candy coat it; many Eagles fans are rude jerks that act like hooligans rather than respectful supporters.

    Some so called fans are even worse. They use fandom as an excuse to perpetrate unlawful acts. Assault and battery are felonious acts. There is no place for that in any stadium in any sport across America.


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