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  1. Norseman Skol from Greece !

    Hello everyone ! My name is Gio and I'm 22. I'm from Greece and I'm a med student. I've been watching football since 2011-2012. In my first year i wanted to watch every NFL game so i could see which team/fan base suits me better. To be honest i liked Vikings the most because of purple (my favorite color) and i always like of Vikings as a kid. So 2012-2013 was the year i officially started rooting for Minnesota Vikings (not a good year tho lol [5-10] but i was happy that i had found a team to root for ! Haven't been to USA yet but with my first chance i will fulfill my dream and visit the States and i really hope to visit Minneapolis for my first Vikings game. Since then I'm trying not to miss a game Vikings game despite the timezone.

    This is our year !!

    SKOOOL !!!

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    Welcome to the board SkolGR. Its a good year to be a Vikes fan. Well every year is a good year just some are better than others. LOL



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