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    I wonder why Remmers concussion is taking so long to get over. I didn't see the injury and have not heard much about it other than he is inactive for a concussion.


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    Will Remmers going to do a Justin Morneau and then announce his retirement?

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    Concussions can be brutal. Every single one is different.

    I hope if this one is severe, he makes the right choice for himself going forward.

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    I had a concussion from a bicycling accident that left me unconscious for hours. I understand how severe they can be.

    This could end up with an announcement starting with, "My health, my family, and my future are more important than the game of football."

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    Mike Remmers did not play against the Atlanta Falcons.

    Head coach Mike Zimmer spoke to the media and revealed that Remmers would be out after suffering a back injury in practice. This was after Remmers missed a few games while in the league's concussion protocol.

    Rashod Hill started at right tackle.

    Mike Remmers was listed as out earlier this week but is now listed as questionable for the Vikings match up with the Panthers.
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