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  1. Latavius murray

    LTrain highlights

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    That is every highlight he has ever had since pop warner pretty much.

    Glad to have him, but certainly glad we drafted Cook.

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    Both he and Cook could really help the Vikings out a lot!
    Ready for Christmas!

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    Murray runs too high, stutters when he should churn, does a spin move to nowhere far too often, and is easily taken down by leg contact.

    Other than that, he is a good running back.

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    I am hoping we have a two back backfield. I would like to see both Cook and Murray lining up as a regular feature of the offense.


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    Murray is a great add, in a rotation...which, I'm quite optimistic will develop during the first few games. Cook and Jet, with Murray, gives Shurmur a ton of options IMHO.

    SKOL Vikings!

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