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    The Draft


    Will this years draft make us better than last year? The pundits don't seem all that excited about it.


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    I'm not sure which pundits you mean, from what I've heard from Pat Kirwan, Chris Simms, Todd McShay, among others, there seems to be a consensus that the Vikes had a good draft. So, in answering your question, I think, yes, the Vikes are improved. But, like any Draft, we shall see by how much.

    Here's a good link for lots of information on each draft pick. Don't be turned off by the fact that it's from, there are several links to objective reviews and information.

    From the RB position, the Vikes are immediately better with the addition of Dalvin Cook. Even if he only plays, say 25% of the snaps, he's an improvement. The combination/rotation of Murray, McKinnon, and Cook is demonstrably better than the rotation of Asiata and McKinnon IMHO.

    Many have said Elflein is a Day 1 starter at RG or Center. Spielman clarified by stating he sees Elflein as Center. Perhaps he starts and Berger plays RG...we shall see.

    Jaleel Johnson will contribute as a rookie IMHO. I think he is an upgrade over Shamar Stephen and will find his way into the rotation eventually.

    Gedeon will contribute on Special Teams and will compete for LB time. To me, at least initially, he's got some upside, but not necessarily right away. I actually would not be surprised to see Brothers take MLB and Kendricks moved outside...we shall see.

    The Rodney Adams pick certainly got mixed reviews, and I can't imagine he's an upgrade to Patterson as a returner.

    Love the Isidora pick...not year 1 for starting, but, I think once the Vikes coaches get ahold of him, he will develop into the RG starter eventually.

    Bucky Hodges...simple, boom or bust. He was a perfect Rd 6 pick.

    I'm intrigued by all of the 7th Round picks and think the Vikes got some depth...if anything, Coley, Tocho, Lee, and Odenigbo are going to bring competition in practice. I think they all have a shot at eventually playing. Probably Practice Squad initially, but, these are a quality bunch of 7th Rounders.

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    Good way of putting it Max Vike. As Cook could be an immediate be that of a starter on day 1. Nobody can be replacing of A.P.
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  4. most analysts will say if you can get three starters out of your draft class you have succeeded. I think we may get as many as six. Cook should take over as the starter at least by next year. Elflein will start for us at center and Berger will move to guard, which by the way, is where he started his career for us. Jonson will be our two down 0 tech or three tech. That right there is a successful draft, then you have Hodges who has the skill set to be a special TE in the league, he is very raw and will likely see his potential next year. The other draft choice that intrigues me is Lee out of K-State. He may be our third down WILL or our passing down WILL and may be this year. He has great instincts and great speed, the only reason he fell to us is that he is too small, but he is out of the mold of a Deone Bucannon and should be a great fit for our defensive scheme.

    I love the Isadora pick, my only concern is that he has potential and this staff has proven that they can't coach up offensive linemen with potential. Coley and Adams are good picks but they haven't proven whether they can handle press coverage, they are both fast enough, however, to blow the top off the D. I think whichever one figures out how to beat press coverage will stick and the other will get cut.

    Gedeon was my only head scratcher!! He is very similar to Brothers and I feel that was a wasted pick!!

    So I feel we had a great draft, whether we did or not will be figured out in August.

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    Even though I'm focusing on the negatives here, I'm pretty happy. Rick did what he had to do to get what should be two impact guys. The head-scratchers for me were the things he didn't do...draft a tackle or a corner (from what I hear, Tocho will be a safety). Could've had Sharpe or Davenport to develop or beefed up the interior further with Saragusa instead of drafting Gedeon. (I'm curious to hear the call right now...was it a Spielman pick or a Zimmer pick???) I'm stumped like everyone else. I guess they must really like Rashod Hill. At least I sure hope that's what it means. It's a good thing that Reiff and Remmers have been pretty durable because I shudder to think of the worst case there. At corner, I think one injury now also means some trouble.

    I was in the "RB can wait" camp, but I'm pretty psyched to have Cook. I know there's off field issues there, but it sounds like if he stays out of south Florida and near his teammates, he should be just fine and a real difference maker. Obviously there was a reason that Bucky Hodges dropped to the 6th round but it's hard to not be excited about what could just maybe possibly be with him. Adams in the fifth...yeah he's a really fast kick returner. Anything else after that is gravy.

    As far as getting all those 7th rounders, I guess Rick just wanted to make sure he got his pick of UDFA's. There's some interesting possibilities there, but that's all they are. But I suppose if just one of them flips a switch as a professional, it comes out smelling like a rose.

    Last but not least, congrats on the retirement Max. (for some reason I can't post in that little chat box thingy). Well-earned I'm sure, and you couldn't pick a better place. The north woods might be my favorite place on Earth. The boundary waters have turned into a twice-a-year thing for me.

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    I'm fine with our draft. It's a crapshoot anyway, but it looks like we got some guys who can contribute right away. Cook could be a special talent if he doesn't go astray, which is not guaranteed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by purplehelmut View Post
    I'm fine with our draft. It's a crapshoot anyway, but it looks like we got some guys who can contribute right away. Cook could be a special talent if he doesn't go astray, which is not guaranteed.
    I like the draft. although i was puzzled by the LB pick bc Brothers is the same type of player. The receivers could be good return men but i'm not sure how else they would contribute.

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    Cook has signed his deal today, the draft class is all signed seal and delivered

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    Unlike recent drafts, the Vikings actually drafted players I thought were close to the top of the board when they went. I am not sure about the receiver choices or not taking either kicker Zane Gonzalez or CB Jalen Myrick early in the 7th round, and I didn't see LB Ben Gedeon playing up to his combine numbers, but the Vikings took many players I had posted as potential picks on the Purple Pain live thread during the draft.

    Having both Cook and Kamara available in the second round was fortunate for the Vikings. I did not think Cook would make it out of the first round until Christian McCaffrey had a monster showing at the combine.

    Elflein, Johnson, and Isidora all came off the board when they should have, and Hodges should likely have gone sooner. I posted a question asking why Hodges was still on the board well before the Vikings drafted him.

    The draft is a crap shoot, but the Vikings played the odds well in this draft. That stated, if the Vikings late picks bust out and my sleeper WR Robert Davis, Myrick, and Gonzales do well, I will not be happy about it.


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