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    Lost Vegas Raiders

    Glad I am not a Raider fan. I guess the Oakland Coliseum will really be a black hole now.


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    Yeah, RK, as much crap as the Wilfs take, they could have more than likely moved our Vikings to LA and would have been worth buckets more money. I'm thankful the Vikes stayed in Minnesota and that we are not dealing with the choice the St Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers, and Oakland Raiders fans have.

    A very close friend of mine is a season ticket holder and a lifetime Raiders fan. When I chatted with him earlier, he said, "the City of Oakland didn't step up, deserved to lose the Raiders...I'll just go to Vegas a couple times a year now. That doesn't suck."

    Having just retired, I'm looking forward to many Vikings games in the new stadium and chillin' at our lake home in the Minnesota Northwoods. Thank goodness the fine people of Minnesota, the Wilfs and the NFL didn't move my cheese!

    SKOL Vikings!
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    Yeah as Oakland once again has their hearts ripped out again.
    Father's Day!

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    Davis clan are true money sucking clowns. No loyalty to their fans at all. They are after the big $$$ and thats it. I hope the owners gamble their money away and have to sell the team. Not a raider fan at all but I feel for Raider Nation
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