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    The O-Line matters and AD clearly does not feel comfortable behind this one, so he is going to try and find a good line on a winning team and stack up a couple more years of numbers to become one of the legit Top 5 to ever play the RB position.

    I don't blame him ... and I don't blame us moving on ... it is the right time for everyone involved.

    I am also in the boat that the second it was revealed he made his child's scrotum bleed with a stick, he should have been MUCH more remorseful and taken it as a chance to learn and teach. Instead, he fell back on the "I was taught this way, there is nothing wrong with it" mentality and we should have cut ties then.

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    Agree it should have been over right then. What really bothered me was the whole idea that the Vikings didn't do enough to stand behind him when this was all going down. Everything I read and heard just made it seem like he was completely oblivious to the situation HE put the team in. Paying him for the season he didn't play and then staying silent about it wasn't enough.

    I'm counting down the hours to free agency and waiting for the headline that he will be signing elsewhere.

  3. Yeah, all that, and then there's this...WTF???


    Minnesota Vikings Free Agency 2017

    Report: Adrian Peterson Feels Unappreciated By Vikings
    Yeah, I donít get it, either.
    by Christopher Gates@Gates_DN Mar 7, 2017, 6:31pm CST

    Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent
    As a matter of fact, I do know

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