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  1. Seahawks sign Blair Walsh

    Hahaha, what is with the Seahawks having a lovefest with ex-Vikings? I can not wait to see Blair cost games for the Seahawks!

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    Its official

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    Just hope he can recover and rebound. As this is a fresh new start for him.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Watch what he doeskin Seattle with a good environment around him.

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    Yeah as really hope the environment does him good. He probably needed a change of scenery. As he could never recover from the F.G. 23-years. Really not easy as it sounds when it is in cold weather.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Blair Witch Project just missed another big kick against the Falcons. Glad we dumped that guy when we did. He can make them all day long until the games on the line.
    Skol !!!

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    Funny the Sea Hawks watched Walsh miss a 23yd field goal against them and blow the Vikings season and someone in their front office said, wow lets get that guy to kick for us.



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