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  1. Report Breaking News: Rick Spielman out as Viking GM

    Per multiple source's soon to follow... Vikings will announce Mike Zimmer will be promoted to the teams GM role and will have full control of roster and Drafts. Zygy Wilf reportedly has reached out to Bill Parcells and has been advised to let Zimmer have keys ala Bill Belichek
    George Patton will be promted to GM role and will Be Zimmers right hand man. Stay tuned

    If you keep posting BS like this on the forum I am going to ban your ass. RK
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  2. WTF, what sources.
    I was thinking there was something afoot when Turner left. This what a 4 game slide will do?

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    I'm not buying it ... "multiple sources soon to follow?"

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    As a matter of fact, I do know

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    BS post.
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