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  1. Aaron Rodger - declining stats??

    Any discussion on this topic?

    Here is some of the stats, where he stands this year.

    Up against Hoyer

    Aaron Rodgers will be facing off against Brian Hoyer and the Bears on Thursday. Over their last 12 starts, Hoyer has better numbers than Rodgers. Hoyer has gone 6-6 with a 63.4 completion percentage, 262.0 passing yards per game, 20-5 TD-INT, and a passer rating of 94.1. Rodgers is 7-5 with a 58.6 completion percentage, 226.8 passing yards per game, 20-9 TD-INT and a passer rating of 83.3.
    Last in the league

    Since the Packers' 6-0 start last season, Aaron Rodgers has been among the league's worst quarterbacks in several categories. He ranks last in the league in completion percentage (58.1), 24th in passing yards per game (233.3) and 25th in passer rating with 84.0. The Packers are 7-8 over 15 games during that span.
    Passer rating

    Rodgers has a passer rating of 88.4 this season. If he doesn't improve, it would be his worst rating for a full season since becoming a starter.
    Is this the Munn Effect? Is he focused on football? Is he declining? I will look for the stats to post, just saw in the last day his stats over the last 3 years, decline, decline, decline.

  2. Here is a good link for his career stats.

    Completion percentage peaked in 2011 and declined since. Other categories also on decline with a slight uptick in 2014.

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    thanks Snow... I've seen many experts speak to the downfall of Rodgers. I for one, haven't said me a wimp, but, I've been down this road as a fan of the Vikes since I can remember...roughly '67. We Vikings fans have experienced so many heartbreaks that I've been conditioned over the decades to not revel in others' decline.

    I will take a different about Zimmer leading the way to our Vikings' effectiveness as a model for others to replicate? Zimmer is exactly what our Team needed to compete and have a chance to beat Rodgers. Previous Vikings coaches had no effective strategy against him. Rodgers may be having an "off" year, but I must emphasize that the year is young... Rodgers is an all timer, a maddening opponent, and he ain't done yet.

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    As a matter of fact, I do know

  4. I don't think he is down and out either. But he has been off from his top game. It could have been the loss of WRs over the years or injuries.

    Coincides with stats..... distraction.

    Aaron Rodgers Opens Up for the First Time About Dating Olivia Munn in ESPN Interview

    by Corinne Heller | Fri, Jun 13, 2014 1:10 PM

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    Still a dangerous opponent and until we consistently beat him he will remain dangerous.
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  6. I believe that he will recover, at least somewhat, but...

    He doesn't have the kind of supporting cast he has had in the past. There's still some talent there, but overall, his receivers and O-line are not as good as they have been in years past.

    Also, I think he's fallen victim to that ego monster, starting to believe his own press, and thinking he can do it all by himself. He's no spring chicken any more, so even if he could sometimes do that before, it is less and less likely now as time continues to pass.

    And... by now, the leadue has a LOT of film and history on him to study. They are simply getting better at defending him, overall. He has not evolved to keep up with this trend.

    He's still a great WB, and I do believe, as stated above, that he will recover somewhat. But I also believe that his glory days are mostly behind him.

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